Top 10 Big Data Companies Disrupting Education

  • 5 May 2017
  • Cas Proffitt

The power of disruptive technology on education is immense. Everything from wearables to measure students heart rates, AIs to assist with learning, and big data to make the process more effective and efficient. Having insight into the data that drives learning helps teachers re-assess their strategies to suit their students’ needs. Big data can even help universities with recruitment and retention rates.  Anyone interested in learning about the topic in-depth can participate in a free course from EdX on big data in education.





Check out the top ten big data companies in the education industry!




Affectiva has designed Emotion AI. Emotion AI is a leap forward in the areas of machine learning and facial recognition technology. Affectiva’s AI pulls data from a database of more than 5-billion data points to estimate human emotion based on facial expressions. Affectiva AI can be integrated through SDK and API into customer products.






Packback uses AI and machine learning to help college students build critical thinking skills. Packback AI lets students rent textbooks on a per-use basis for $5, allowing students to access their mandatory texts and literature at an affordable cost.






Examify offers students a new way to adapt to the modern learning environment of standardized test. Examify teaches students the best way to take their required tests, not to study. This method of preparation may open up additional time for students to experience their lives instead of studying eight or ten hours per day.






Ingen.IO allows users to integrate a construct for extracting context and meaning from plain text. Ingen.IO is integrated using an API and analyzes data such as sentiment, topic categorization, and summarization of the article or message.






NeuRecall applies principles of machine learning to early education. The system helps with learning activities like language learning and standardized test preparation. NeuRecall collects information about the user’s understanding of the topic and then queries its database to create questions specifically for the user.





Insight Data Science

Insight brings together data scientists from some of the top data-driven companies in the technology sector with post-doctoral students to give the participants an intensive preparation for work in the data science industry and helps engineers move into industry jobs.






Skillset uses crowdsourced data to help their members establish a personalized learning plan based on their interests. Skillset is a tool that aims to help people continue the practice of lifelong learning, with their platform guiding you into new education opportunities.





CCKF – Realizeit

Realizeit is a personalized learning solution where publishers and educators can place their material for any level of education. Realizeit caters to learners from K-12 to corporate and professional learners. Realizeit offers more than 150 courses over more than 50 subject matter areas.






MetaCog is a machine learning platform that allows clients to measure progress of individuals using a MetaCog integrated solution in applied areas. MetaCog measures user enjoyment and frustration and then adapts the environment to keep users on task. MetaCog also keeps track of user improvement and development over time. Clients can integrate MetaCog’s AI into their environment via API.




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