Top 10 Big Data Companies Disrupting the Automotive Industry

  • 26 April 2017
  • Cas Proffitt


The automotive industry–it’s what delivers our meats and veggies, our Amazon packages, and gets us to work and back most days. The U.S. and many other countries have designed and entire infrastructure around automotive transportation, but it’s time to take a leap towards a smarter automotive industry by harnessing big data and analytics. Companies like Tesla have already been using big data to their benefit for things like machine and promotion performance and customer relationships. According to Deloitte, automakers are harnessing big data for customer behavior analytics and to improve customer experiences.  Even on dealership lots, information about which customers are most likely to buy help salespeople correctly divert their attention.





Check out the top ten big data companies in the automotive industry!



Drust is a vehicle analysis platform that offers users insight into their driving style and vehicle maintenance. Drust offers drivers advice to reduce their fuel consumption, optimize their maintenance habits, and even recommends tire types and fuel grade for optimal functionality. Drust makes its suggestions through the mobile app AKOLYT, a “driving personal assistant”.





Sight Machine

Sight Machine offers plant owners and manufacturers the ability to condition and utilize their data to make sure everything is operating as efficiently as possible. When applied to automotive plants, this technology could significantly reduce the cost of automobiles. Sight Machine allows plant owners to build a virtual model of their plant to give the data real-time context.






ZenDrive uses drivers’ smartphones to capture real-time data about their driving methods and bad driving habits like driving while distracted. ZenDrive assigns each driver a score relating to their safety practices while driving, allowing their clients to see how reputable and safe their driver is. ZenDrive’ main target is drivers in the sharing economy–think Uber and Lyft with data-derived safety scores.






PitStop plugs into the vehicle’s onboard electronics to let owners know when it requires maintenance or is experiencing equipment issues or failures.PitStop can also be configured to alert service centers of equipment failure or maintenance requirements.






CARFIT uses a small sensor placed behind the vehicle’s steering wheel to collect information about noise, vibration, and environmental harshness. CARFIT primarily monitors performance of tires, brakes, shocks, and other similar parts. The small chip has a battery life of almost two years, and is replaceable for driver convenience. CARFIT alerts users when they are likely to need to perform maintenance on their vehicle.





Tourmaline Labs

Tourmaline Labs provides their clients with actively-captured driver information to assist with risk evaluation. Tourmaline Labs offers monitoring for both single and fleet-based driving environments. Companies like insurance agencies, driving fleet owners, and credit scoring agencies can use this information to better assess risk, giving safe drivers a potential to save on other areas beyond just insurance.






Carvoyant provides a means to connect older model cars with the IoT while still offering a platform for developers to create applications for connected vehicles to interface with the outside world. Carvoyant allows connected vehicles to interface with smart homes, automatically report miles driven for expense reporting, and more.






Air provides a suite of vehicle management tools for their clients. Ai offers geolocation, speed and perimeter monitoring, crash alerts, and more. Air presented at TechCrunch’s Disrupt London in December 2016. For more environmentally-conscious individuals, they even offer resource monitoring.






Zene is a vehicle monitoring system that plugs into the vehicle’s diagnostic port. Zene offers monitoring of vehicle efficiency, tampering, and fuel leakage (for natural gas vehicles). Zene also simplifies service visit booking with a one-touch interface. In addition to simplified service booking, Zene offers tips to make drivers more efficient, and geographic monitoring in the event of theft.






Carffeine combines smart vehicle monitoring with a work log in which both drivers and mechanics can record information. Carffeine offers mechanics significant amounts of diagnostic information, and at the same time allows the driver to log any issues with the vehicle for the mechanic to inspect and potentially repair.




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