Top 10 Augmented and Virtual Reality Conferences for 2017

  • 22 March 2017
  • Cas Proffitt

Here is our list of augmented and virtual reality conferences you cannot miss this year!  Virtual reality is taking over–in training, healthcare, and gaming, to name a few from an ever-increasing list of industries. And why wouldn’t it? Full immersion has been the artist and entertainer’s dream since the dawn of art itself. To be able to creatively express an idea in a way that allows others to step into your generated reality is groundbreaking.


For example, Notes on Blindness: Into the Darkness VR creates a stunning soundscape atop a visually intriguing backdrop that edges virtual reality users into a reality very different from their own and to great effect.



Thought leaders from across the globe are meeting at these ten disruptive VR/AR conferences to build a reality that is even more immersive and complex.


IEEE Virtual Reality 2017

Mar. 18-22 in Los Angeles, CA

Ticket prices:

Range from $50 for early bird one-day pass registrations to $1,270 for non-IEEE member full-event passes bought the day of the event.  This is one of our favorite augmented and virtual reality conferences in L.A.


The IEEE VR conference in L.A. will include talks about creating usable interfaces with AR technology, software design, and education within the AR and VR spaces. They are looking for papers on topics such as tracking and sensing tech, display improvements, and more. There will also be a doctoral consortium. Best of all, they have a large amount of time set aside for live demos.


VRLA 2017

Apr. 14-15 in Los Angeles, CA

Ticket prices:

Range from $30 for students to $299 for the “pro pass”


VRLA 2017 will have more than 150 VR and AR demonstrations in the LA Convention Center in addition to  keynote speeches from some of the most revolutionary minds in the VR sector such as John Riccitiello (CEO, Unity). The conference will feature speeches to address some of the recent innovations in the VR space like improving graphics quality for VR environments and helping the visually impaired move through their environment with more certainty.



May 16-17 in Olympia, London

Ticket prices:

Range from free to 800EUR


VRWorld connects executives and industry leaders under the banner of one of the EU’s top AR and VR conferences. Attendants come from all sorts of companies—Microsoft, BBC, and Unity, to name a few. The event is expecting 150 speakers including Denise White (Director, Technology, The Walt Disney Company) and 1500 attendees over the 2 day conference. VRWorld is a perfect chance to see the advancements that have been made in VR this year in areas like storytelling and environment recognition.



Apr. 11-13 in Bristol, UK

Ticket prices:

Range from 20EUR for daily expo passes to 300EUR for all-access passes

Group discounts are offered

*Ticket prices do not include the cost of VAT*


VR World Congress is  a business and consumer friendly conference that is sponsored by AMD and brings the attention of more than 2,000 people from the VR sector into one venue. Speakers include Microsoft employees who are working to develop the HoloLens as well as a member from the Realities Centre. A significant focus for this event will be mobile VR optimization.


VR & AR World

Jun. 13-15 in London, UK

Ticket prices:

Range from 700EUR to 1,999EUR for the premium pass

*Ticket prices do not include the cost of VAT*


VR & AR World is a huge VR and AR conference that is held to showcase recent AR and VR developments and allow developers and investors to interact freely.. Topics attendees can expect to learn about include the differences between CGI and 360 degree animation and how adjusting the depth of view can cause or reduce eyestrain and nausea. VR & AR World is part of the TechXLR8 conference group, a set of conferences that bring in more than 15,000 total visitors. The conference family has over 400 hours of content planned should you decide to attend, and the premium pass will get you access to the entire conference family.


VR 20/20

Oct. 17 in New York City, NY

Ticket prices:

Registration for the 2017 event has closed, but look for for it in 2018!


VR 20/20 is featuring a number of influential industry members including employees from Time Warner and Google. The event has been organized so that executives and investors can network with developers and marketers in a quick, one-day event. VR20/20 will include panels on incorporating AR and VR into gaming, investing, and storytelling.  Augmented and virtual reality conferences can be a great excuse to come to the Big Apple for a weekend.



VR Eco Hack

Apr. 21-23 in Brookline, MA

Ticket prices:

Contact them via their website for pricing information


VR Eco Hack is a hackathon conference planned to lead the way in creating educational materials that relate to establishing environmental sustainability. The materials laid out at this event will be used to educate future generations on environmental sustainability in a fun and engaging way.


Virtual Reality Evolution

Feb. 16 in London, UK

Ticket prices:

The event has concluded for 2017, but they will be holding another event in 2018.


Virtual Reality Evolution was organized to bring information in about all sorts of use-cases. Entertainment and gaming aren’t the only uses on the list; among them are healthcare, education, and retail. London seems to be a hub for augmented and virtual reality conferences.  The conference featured more than 25 keynote speakers and had representation from more than 100 companies. This event serves as a great platform to converse with other thinkers in the AR/VR field.



SVVR 2017

Mar 29-31 in San Jose, CA

Ticket prices:

Range from $99 for early registration expo-only passes to $895 for normal registration, all-access passes


The host of the “Voices of VR” podcast and many other prominent members of the AR and VR sectors will be speaking at the event. This event will focus heavily on uses and development of AR and VR tech. Medical use-cases, intellectual property rights, and a host of VR developer workshops.



Augmented World Expo

May 31-Jun. 2 in Santa Clara, CA

Ticket prices:

Range from $395 for registration before the end of February to $1,000


AWE is one of the largest AR and VR conferences in the world. AWE focuses on connecting startups and developers not only with investors but also with tech enthusiasts. Attendants should expect to see not only startup pitches, but even one-day courses on AR implementation. AWE is sponsored by Intel and Microsoft. Allan Cook (Director, Deloitte Consulting) will be speaking at the event.


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Do you know of any other augmented and virtual reality conferences that belong on this list? Let us know in the comments below!



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