Top 10 Artificial Intelligence Companies Disrupting The Food Industry

  • 15 May 2017
  • Cas Proffitt

Artificial intelligence is making our lives smarter from travel to childcare to fitness. Artificial intelligence is finding an especially beneficial place in the food industry for things like inspections, food delivery, and even restaurant brand awareness. At practically every level of the food industry, AI is there (or coming soon!) to make it more efficient. We can only expect to see these technologies flourish as the power of our AIs increase, which is happening fast. For example, KFC already opened an AI-assisted KFC in China.

These ten companies are helping AI branch into the food industry in innovative ways.



CHOPCHOP uses artificial intelligence to guide users through cooking order and recipe preparation step-by-step. CHOPCHOP will monitor user dishes as they cook and let users know the ideal time to remove them from heat.

CHOPCHOP also gives users one list of ingredients and can coordinate with suppliers to have food delivered to the customer’s doorstep.CHOPCHOP is currently only available on the Apple App Store.



Elyse28 offers users a personalized, artificially intelligent personal trainer and wellness coach. Elyse28 provides users with personalized insight into their eating and exercise habits to help them adjust their lifestyle and become healthier and more energetic. Elyse28 provides users with targeted nutrition information, but also covers sleep, immunity, supplement personalization, stress predictors, and so much more.

The Elyse28 deep machine learning platform is based on Python, Google Cloud models, and JavaScript.



PetMio incorporates wearable IoT technology for pets with artificial intelligence to provide pet owners with an enriched dining experience for their loved ones. PetMio delivers customized nutrition for pets based on their activity and biometrics.

PetMio targets specific areas where pets are lacking and supplements them with vital nutrients while offering a tasty, high-quality pet food.



Say2Eat is using artificial intelligence to help restaurants keep up with their customers across all channels (Facebook, text, Amazon Echo, etc.)  to “ create a smart, brand customized and conversational user experience, that leaves brands with an everlasting impression of convenience. 




FoodBots is a subsidiary of Worthwhile PLC and they grow, package, and transport food products including but not limited to fresh produce, baked goods at rates exceeding 30,000 heads of lettuce per day and 20,000 mushrooms per day.

FoodBots is using adaptive robotics, artificial intelligence, and hydroponics to ensure their design is highly scalable.



Don’t have an intern to take your lunch order? No problem with Kip! Kip is an AI-based personal office assistant that assists users with running office errands by storing requests and optimizing the retrieval time and path of the desired items. Kip compares office preferences to choose the most ideal solution for the majority. Kip can do everything from ordering office stationary to ordering the office lunch.

Office administrators can ping users to make sure that no one missed their chance to offer input before the courier leaves the office.



Halla matches picky eaters with both restaurants and dishes based on their discerning palate. Halla acts like many other social media applications in that it finds and remembers patterns in user preferences in order to provide the richest experience possible.

Halla employs artificial intelligence to make meal predictions based on the restaurant where an individual is eating.


TellSpec USA

TellSpec USA is using artificial intelligence, bioinformatics, near infrared (NIR) spectroscopy, and predictive analytics to ensure the safety of food for the consumer. TellSpec USA is inspecting food at the molecular level to give consumers the option to make educated purchase decisions as they relate to their food.



Suggestic is an artificially intelligent nutrition coach. Suggestic has users customize their goals and then offers suggestions to help them reach them. Suggestic monitors user location via GPS and recommends restaurants based on their location to best help them adhere to their diet.

Suggestic benefits users by helping reduce the information overload that they face on a daily basis, making it easier for them to stick to their path and arrive at their goals quicker.


Do you know of any other AI companies in the food industry who belong on this list? Let us now in the comments below!

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