Top 10 Artificial Intelligence Companies Disrupting the Entertainment Industry

  • 11 May 2017
  • Cas Proffitt

Artificial intelligence is making practically every industry smarter. It’s making our cybersecurity safer, education more efficient, and our workloads easier. But artificial intelligence is also a source of joy. AI is being used in the entertainment industry to help personalize our experiences of television, music, and stories.


That way, we spend less time searching and waiting, and more time experiencing our favorite entertainment.


These ten artificial intelligence companies in the entertainment industry are ones to watch.


Muru Music

Muru Music incorporated AI to let users create customized playlists and save them to Spotify in seconds, allowing users to curate their own content while helping to reduce information overload from the sheer volume of songs and genres available. The Muru AI is geared to understand and classify music by genre and other stylistic associations, offering the ideal listening experience.






SpaceVR brings images from low-Earth orbit to clients on Earth so they can explore space in virtual reality. SpaceVR uses 360-degree cameras to capture and provide users with real-time feeds from Earth’s orbit. SpaceVR intends to deploy 360-degree cameras through the solar system. They are offering $35 one-year subscriptions and $99-lifetime subscriptions–though these are limited to 1000 total memberships.

 lets users convert video from different sources (Vine, Vimeo, YouTube, etc.) into GIFs. In the process of forming their new GIF, users can apply color filters, featured video overlays, and text. uses the site to provide data for teaching artificial intelligences while allowing individuals to express themselves.







SuperFan.Ai allows users and brands to connect with their fans or customers individually. SuperFan.Ai ensures that consumers can remain up-to-date with information about their favorite celebrities, be they athletes, esports players, or movie stars. SuperFan.Ai is redefining personalized engagement.

 helps immerse users in the show or movie they are watching by offering recommendations based on the movie. Recommendations include clothing and recipes. Dive also offers image analysis to determine which movie an image belongs to.. offers suggestions for more than 2500 titles and allows users to use the app with their streaming service of choice or with live television broadcasting.






Rival Theory

Rival Theory is developing a truly interactive base for characters in VR-based games. Their first character is Elise. Elise monitors player choices and conversations, allowing her to react and adapt to every player in a unique manner. Rival Theory’s Rain AI engine is used by more than 100,000 developers around the world.






Anki developed a set of AI-based toy supercars. Users control the actions of the car while the vehicles drive themselves and adjust their route based on driver feedback. Anki Overdrive vehicles can be used with cars and track from its predecessor. Anki offers 4 new vehicles with the Overdrive platform, letting players have many choices based on their playstyle.







Pacemaker is an AI-based DJ app that lets users customize their music preferences and create customized mixtapes. Users can share their mixtapes through the Spotify platform, save their mixtapes to Spotify, and use virtual turn tables on iPad. Pacemaker is currently only available on Apple devices, and app functionality depends on the device used (iPad, iPhone, Apple Watch, etc.)







Vanitail uses contextual understanding and artificial intelligence to create smart stories. The Vanitail site is currently in “Coming Soon” mode, but they have a launch date set for Spring 2017. Vanitail also boasts the ability to create motion stories using their AI and contextual understanding.







Teleporter incorporates artificial intelligence and virtual reality technology to immerse users in the live event of their choosing. Teleporter brings the stage to their viewers, allowing them to attend e-sports events, concerts, and other live entertainment venues without having to travel to the event physically.



Do you know of any other AI companies in entertainment that belong on this list? Let us know in the comments below!

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