Top 10 Artificial Intelligence Companies Disrupting Education

  • 16 May 2017
  • Cas Proffitt

Education lays the foundation for the future of our species, so it would make sense to use the smartest, most advanced technologies we have to benefit our future generations. Artificial intelligence is an industry that is growing smarter every day, allowing machines to learn, see insight, and predict future outcomes often better than we ourselves can. By harnessing artificial intelligence in the education industry, we help our progeny gain an edge and to learn, well, smarter and even more joyfully. In many ways, artificial intelligence is redefining the education industry and how we think about learning.




Check out the top ten artificial intelligence companies in the education industry!



SOFIA Labs’ LEX AI was designed to supplement deep conceptualization in human thinkers. SOFIA Labs understands that AI and robotics can replace most of the basic jobs that humans carry out on a daily basis. Humans do have an innate ability to conceptualize and fill in the gaps in information to attack difficult, purely conceptual; problems and find solutions.



Elemental Path

Elemental Path is bringing AI to early-stage classrooms in the form of a smart, AI-connected toy. Their product, Dino is connected to Google’s Watson and can engage the children, adjusting its information and methods of interaction as the children mature. Elemental Path is helping ensure children enjoy the learning journey, as well as establishing a persistent trend of learning in the minds of children.






Volley Labs

Volley Labs is transforming the education landscape by incorporating artificial intelligence, NLP, and semantics into education, they hope to expand the scope and effectiveness of human learning. Volley Labs is hoping to computationally understand and convey the world’s knowledge within the next 10 years.







Check.IO offers users a game that they can use to learn coding skills. Users practice their coding skills to progress through the game. Check.IO gives users a code window and examples of the function or code they are working with. Users must then implement the code in order to receive their in-game rewards.






CENTURY is providing students and teachers with a data-driven educational platform. Students are monitored on their performance passively by the CENTURY platform. CENTURY also provides students with immediate feedback, guided learning opportunities, and access to learning materials at any time.






TrueShelf provides an immersive augmented reality and adaptive learning platform for high school and college students. TrueShelf gives users access to puzzles, tests, and educational articles to further their education. The platform lets students and instructors collaborate, create, and share content to enhance others’ understanding of the material.







Blippar works with brands and ambassadors to create interactive AR experiences. Users who hold a license can create content and integrate the content into their learning schedule or content marketing strategy. Blippar works through use with smartphones, but they recently acquired a low-power AR glasses manufacturer, have garnered nearly 100-million dollars in funding, and are working to engage users through AR facial profiles.






Querium Corporation

Querium offers customized learning plans and interactive learning options for both high school and college students to improve their STEM education foundation. Querium’s learning assistance has shown results as high as 55% of enrollees bounding up beyond the minimum passing score for the Texas TSI exam. Querium offers assistance in preparing for other exams.






Cerevrum Inc.

Cerevrum gives users a fun and immersive way to train their cognitive capabilities, eye muscles, and even their ability to relax through meditation. Cerevrum is expanding their compatibility offerings, but they have products that are compatible with Samsung VR and Google cardboard, and some that are compatible with Oculus as well as the other main VR headsets and mobile applications.







PleIQ offers interactive, lightweight blocks to engage and help educate preschool age children. PleIQ blocks are compatible with mobile devices for augmented reality engagement, allowing parents to interact with children while they learn. PleIQ aims to stimulate the various learning methodologies and thought focuses of developing children.


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