Top 10 Artificial Intelligence Conferences of 2017

  • 19 March 2017
  • Cas Proffitt

Artificial intelligence is quickly changing how we interact with our technology–decreasingly like an object and more often as a friend. Take the many in-home assistants ranging from personal robots like Jibo and currently disembodied helpers like Amazon’s Alexa. Futurists such as Ray Kurzweil as well as everyone at MIRI are contemplating groundbreaking questions such as, “How do we make kind AIs?” and “Can a machine have a consciousness?” all in preparation for a time when our AIs will become smarter than us. As technological progression continues to speed up, the questions surrounding artificial intelligence can make or break humanity as we know it–right down to our very existence.

At these ten artificial intelligence conferences in 2017, thought leaders in the artificial intelligence niche will be convening to discuss these topics and more along with practical concerns surrounding the implementation of artificial intelligence.



NIPS 2017 – Neural Information Processing Systems

Dec. 4Dec. 9 in Long Beach, CA


Registration opens Aug. 17th


Ticket price:

Ranges from $400 for a student all-access pass to $875 for a non-student late registration

Although the full schedule is not yet set (although they are taking calls for 2017), NIPS is expected to be a week long event focused on machine learning and computation. Organizers include high profile influencers including Samy Bengio (Google Brain). Past years have featured symposia on topics such as Machine Learning and the Law, Program Learning with Recurrent Neural Nets, and a Deep Learning Symposium.

AI World Conference & Expo

December 11-13 in Boston, MA

Ticket prices:

Ticket prices and registration have not yet been announced.


The AI World Conference and Expo claims to be the world's biggest AI business event and drew more than 2,000 visitors and 100 speakers in 2016. The event brings together well-known enterprise attention while attracting startups and thought-leaders from the AI and machine learning industries. Last year's conference including big names like NVIDIA's Jim McHugh and Samsung's Yoon C. Lee. 

RE-WORK Machine Intelligence Summit

Mar. 2324 in San Francisco, CA

Ticket prices:

Range from $495 for academia and startups to $1,495 for a standard pass.

If you can’t make it to the conference, you can get access to the event materials remotely for $895.


RE-WORK has partnered with some of the largest enterprise brands in AI and machine learning. Brands like IBM, Amazon, MIT, and Intel are attending the 2017 conference.  They will  be covering disruptive topics such as machine learning, deep learning, artificial intelligence, drones, NLP, and robotics intended for audiences of C-level executives, chief data scientists, data engineers, and other similar positions. 

O’Reilly AI Conference

Jun. 2629 in New York, NY

Ticket prices:

Range from $1,935 for a bronze pass to $2,195 for an all-access conference pass

Various discounts are offered; see their website for details. Conference tickets do not cover training passes.


The O’Reilly AI conference is covering cutting edge technology on the artificial intelligence front as well as the questions that come along with them. For example, attendees will be discussing cloud-based AI supercomputers, machine vision using deep learning, and breakthroughs surrounding deep neural nets. Speakers attending the conference come from all walks of industry including representatives from MIT, Google, and SalesForce.


IBM World of Watson

Oct. 29Nov. 2 in Las Vegas, NV

Ticket prices:

Information regarding registration and ticket pricing is not yet available.


IBM’s World of Watson in 2016 offered incredible amounts of valuable insight to attendees with keynotes from notable figures such as Dr. Inderpal Bhandari, Global Chief Data Officer of IBM and Stewart Butterfield, CEO and co-founder of Slack. The band Imagine Dragons also gave an exclusive performance at the event in 2016. World of Watson 2017 is sure to be a crowd-pleaser once again. 



Intellisys Conference 2017

Sept. 78 in London, UK


Ticket prices:

Range from 400GBP for students to 600GBP for normal attendees


Proclaimed as one of the most respected artificial intelligence conferences, Intellisys 2017 is being held in London by the IEEE. Topics discussed will include artificial intelligence, machine learning, security, ambient intelligence, robotics, machine vision, and more. Disruptive and emerging topics such as IoT-enabled smart cities, augmented reality, swarm intelligence, biometrics, and Bayesian networks will all be covered at 2017's event. 

International Joint Conference on Artificial Intelligence

Aug. 1925 in Melbourne, Australia

Ticket prices:

Ticket prices are not currently available

IJCAI2017 will be hosting a variety of talks, workshops, and tutorials on topics affecting artificial intelligence today including computational methods for measuring language complexity, semantic machine learning, formal argumentation, constraint programming, IoT big data stream mining, and more. 

AI and Machine Learning World

Jun. 13-15 in London, UK

Ticket prices:

Range from 699GBP+20%VAT for just the AI and ML world conference to 1,999GBP+20%VAT for a full pass to all of the TechXLR8 group.


AI and Machine Learning World is part of the TechXLR8 group, as a result, you can attend several events within close proximity. AI and Machine Learning World covers artificial intelligence and its impact across multiple industries including gaming, transportation, business, and healthcare. 


The Machine Learning Conference

Mar. 24 in New York City, NY

Ticket prices:

Tickets start at $300


MLConf operates 4 conferences in various states within the U.S. each event is a one-day conference which features several speeches that are around half an hour each. The event has a number of focal points, but some of the most notable are scalability and deep learning fault-tolerance.

AAAI San Francisco 2017

Feb. 4-9 in San Francisco, CA

Ticket prices:

The event has passed for this year, but they will be coming back for their 32nd year in 2018!


AAAI focuses on highly-technical aspects of artificial intelligence and is intended for researchers, scientists, practitioners, and engineers. Beyond just speakers, AAAI offers workshops, tutorials, and even hosts gameplay competitions and AI-video competitions. Some large sponsors behind this event include IBM, Amazon, and Facebook.


Do you know of other Artificial Intelligence conferences that should be on this list? What advancements in the field do you expect to see in 2017? Let us know in the comments below!

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