Artificial intelligence along with big data are transforming the aerospace industry by increasing automation of piloting as well as safety by predicting when airplanes need maintenance. Airbus explains that AI can have uses in aerospace from chatbots for airlines to piloting to making aircrafts even safer. Artificial intelligence is all about creating machines that can think and learn, machines that can give insight and predictions that can be easily overlooked by humans. Of course aerospace is more than just commercial airlines. Artificial intelligence has benefits for drones and even space exploration. As our AIs get smarter, so does the aerospace industry.





Check out the top ten disruptive artificial intelligence companies in the aerospace industry!

Orbital ATK

Orbital ATK is an aerospace and defense contractor that supplies their clients with space, aviation, and defense-related materials. Their selection of products includes launch vehicles, propulsion systems, satellites, missiles, defensive electronics, and more. Orbital ATK was involved in developing the AI behind the Deep Space-1 (DS1) collaborative mission with NASA.






DARPA is the U.S.Department of Defence’s central research branch. One of their most promising artificial intelligence and aerospace projects is the Fast, Lightweight, Autonomous (FLA) UAV system. FLA is designed to allow small, unmanned UAV systems to carry out reconnaissance missions without GPS waypoints or operator control.  






Neurala has been featured several times on Disruptor Daily already due to their disruptive nature. Neurala uses AI and neural networking to integrate smart technology into drones, cars, and other real-world objects. Neurala’s first project was to create a computer to enable autonomous planetary exploration with limited resources.




Descartes Labs

Descartes Labs is advancing three areas of photographic analysis–Data supply, understanding, and pattern recognition. They use satellite, cell phone, UAV, and other sources of imagery to support their need for data. Their artificial intelligence platform draws all of the information in and determines changes over time.




KittyHawk is a drone intelligence platform that aggregates data from other platform members to offer insight into weather conditions. KittyHawk helps pilots keep up to date with compliance standards. KittyHawk uses massive amounts of data and imagery to offer real-time insight into site activity and conditions.




Iris Automation

Iris Automation brings real-world collision prevention for UAVs to market in a reliable and cost-effective manner. Their main target markets include agriculture and mining, as well as any other sector that is not taking full advantage of drone technology. Iris’ goal is to establish large-scale public trust in the ability of drones to operate autonomously without colliding with each other through the use of artificial intelligence to determine flight patterns.





Flyby Nav

Flyby Nav is providing assistance with flight management for manned and unmanned aircraft alike. Flyby Nav handles flight plan filing and air traffic control among other aerial command and control functions through the use of artificial intelligence. Flyby Nav is working with the TopXight Lab to develop their product.







PrecisionHawk brings a combination of aerial information capture, data analytics, and advanced sensor technology to the civilian marketplace so that businesses can make day-to-day decisions based on real-time, actionable information and analysis provided by their artificial intelligence. PrecisionHawk UAVs offer low altitude imagery and environmental information capture.



 is working with consumer electronics and drone providers to offer a new machine vision and artificial intelligence solution. allows drones to follow specified targets not based on GPS, but based on a video feed. can follow both people and objects like cars alike.





MRX Global Holding Corporation

MRX Global is advancing many avenues of technology simultaneously. MRX Global works with government and intelligence agencies to develop technologies like artificial intelligence, cyber countermeasures, drones, deep learning, counter-terrorism, and many others. MRX Global has maintained a strong internet presence since the mid-1990’s.




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