Artificial intelligence and drones are two of the most prevalent disruptive technologies impacting the consumer and business sectors in recent times. Companies have begun to combine the two to create autonomous drones, some with swarm intelligence, give them sight, help them learn their terrain, gather intelligence, and more.

This smarter generation of drones is accelerating what we can do with the technology and has uses for goods delivery, inspections, defense, and countless other industries.



These ten companies are leading the pack in terms of combining artificial intelligence and UAVs:


Pilot AI Labs

Pilot AI Labs is developing computer vision using deep learning for compute-constrained devices such as drones. Their tech allows for detection and tracking of objects even in dark environments. Using their algorithms, a USB webcam can be used to judge depth and track targets without the use of extra sensors or other technologies.


Neurala, creator of The Neurala Brain, has created a “deep learning neural network software that makes smart products like cameras, robots, drones, toys and self-driving cars more autonomous and useful.”

Their systems are lightweight and efficient, especially compared to more resource-intensive artificial intelligence software, which makes it perfect for drones which have limited space and computation power available. Their brains are based on animal brains.





Iris Automation

Iris Automation is also building a computer vision solution–one specifically for drones in the mining and agriculture industries. The vision is specifically used for collision avoidance so that drones can be operated with lower risks and within compliance standards.



CrowdAI is using machine learning and computer vision for autonomous systems including self-driving cars and automated drones for use in obstacle detection and motion tracking.



Gamaya is an AgTech company that is revolutionizing farming using hyperspectral imaging, artificial intelligence, and drones. The drones collect the image data, artificial intelligence analyzes the data specifically for the crop, variety, and region, and data about any issues including pest infestations and deficiencies to farmers who can take targeted, actionable steps to increase their yield.


Zero Zero Robotics

Zero Zero Robotics is the creator of the Hover Camera. Their technology utilizes artificial intelligence and drones to create a “foldable, self-flying, personal photographer.” Right now, the system runs $599.



Reality Analytics

Reality Analytics uses a combination of artificial intelligence and sensors that allows drones and other sensor-enabled machines to “understand reality in image, sound, acceleration, vibration and other sensor inputs.“



Caspian Robotics

Caspian Robotics is making drone in the Commercial and Civil sectors more intuitive as well as safer. They offer zero-planning drones that don’t require a pre-scan of an environment in order to perform an inspection. Instead, the autonomous drone which is enabled with collision avoidance, learns the environment, generates a mission plan, and carries through with the needed inspection.  






DroneLancer is combining drones and the artificial intelligence that allows them to be autonomous into a delivery solution. They harnesses a network of intelligent drones for package pickup and delivery to make the whole process smarter and more efficient. The drone automatically avoid obstacles to deliver packages in tact.


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