Top 10 Artificial Intelligence Companies Disrupting Sales

  • 3 May 2017
  • Cas Proffitt

Value, marketing, and sales are drivers in business, and customers continuously expect greater personalization from marketing and sales departments. With the internet, many web businesses have opened offering niche products and solutions for a very specific subset of buyer, and so everyone has the opportunity to find the exact buy they are searching for.

One-size solutions are an old-fashioned alternative that are quickly falling by the wayside. However, in a sea of online data, it can be difficult to find and sell to these very specific groups of people. Artificial intelligence is making that process easier. From marketing to lead generation to actually nurturing leads and giving data-driven feedback on sales processes, artificial intelligence is making the process of making a sale in which everyone wins easier and more efficient than ever before.


Check out the top ten artificial intelligence companies in the sales industry!


Conversica seamlessly blends an AI personal assistant into clients’ sales and marketing departments. Conversica’s AI conditions lead and follow up with them via email and can even answer basic questions. Conversica’s AI alerts sales teams when leads are ready for a call, allowing sales teams to spend their time on making the sale instead of scheduling and nurturing via email. Conversica boosts the efficiency of sales funnels from start to finish. incorporates artificial intelligence into sales analytics, allowing sales representatives to track their performance while gaining actionable insight into how they need to move forward. automatically collects and holds data regarding sales, allowing sales reps to turn their focus on other tasks and improving the quality and consistency of data.


LeadCrunch seeks out and delivers targeted leads based on their clients’ ideal customers. LeadCrunch helps to ensure that businesses find the best leads for their funnel by seeking information on preferred customers and matching others based on similar parameters. Using a two-step process, LeadCrunch both gathers information on ideal customers and draws in new, similar ones.


CaliberMind offers businesses a targeted, SaaS-based platform for demand marketing and sales acceleration. CaliberMind uses machine learning and intelligent buyer archetyping to target the proper content to each persona based on their location in their buyer’s journey. CaliberMind has shown up to 30% increases in sales velocity and 25% gains in marketing-influenced revenue. allows their clients to build chatbots that can integrate with back-end systems such as their knowledge base, enterprise product catalog, CRM, and other core services to better interact with the consumer. uses natural language understanding to enhance the effectiveness of their client’s customer engagement and sales opportunities.


YouAppi combines big data and artificial intelligence to increase the targeting ability of marketing and sales efforts. YouAppi brings more than 1 billion mobile users into view for their full-cycle customer acquisition process. YouAppi services more than 200 countries worldwide, offering them a unique perspective into customer preferences and buying habits based on their previous activities and regional trends.

InsideSales provides a suite of tools for sales optimization. InsideSales incorporates artificial intelligence and real-time data collection with analytics to serve sales and beyond. InsideSales allows different departments to view reports based on their relevant metrics without having to reference any spreadsheets or creating new reports. has brought Marvin to the market. Marvin brings together data curation, NLP, user sentiment analysis, machine learning, and more to bring sales reps recommendations for product offerings as they relate to the needs of active leads. Marvin is helping Racetrack achieve their goal of enhancing customer acquisition and retention for their clients through increased customer satisfaction.

Qymatix Solutions GmbH

Qymatix Solutions employs a cloud-based, predictive sales analytics SaaS application to assist sales managers in medium-sized B2B businesses to increase the efficiency of their business model through intelligent, data-driven marketing efforts. Qymatix offers sales and marketing segments to access data obtained via CRM data mining.

Relatas Sales AI

Relatas Sales AI provides sales reps with insight into the most time-critical accounts and those which require additional attention. Relatas Sales AI monitors social media and other data sources to determine the status of on-book accounts proactively. Beyond maintaining accounts, Relatas Sales AI also helps generate new leads based on current business relationships.

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