Top 10 Artificial Intelligence Companies Disrupting the Pharmaceutical Industry

  • 2 May 2017
  • Cas Proffitt


Although artificial intelligence has been a disruptive technological force in healthcare as a whole, but it is proving to have massive benefits in pharmaceuticals and drug discovery. Because an artificial intelligence that is attuned to the task of drug creation can go through combinations of chemicals exponentially faster than a human researcher, the entire process is greatly sped up.


This keeps researchers from wasting time on projects that are not likely to succeed and instead devote their efforts to creating effective drugs that can have a positive impact on the health of humanity.  Not only can artificial intelligences speed up the process of drug discovery, but they can also quicken clinical trials, saving everyone time and money.





Check out the top ten artificial intelligence companies in the pharmaceuticals industry!

Brite Health

Brite Health offers patient screening and engagement for clinical trials. Brite Health utilizes big data to provide the screening and engagement platforms. They also provides data in an easily-digested and visually-appealing format.






InsideDNA combines artificial intelligence and genomics research to reduce the time and cost of bringing new drugs to the market. Beyond just creating new drugs, InsideDNA helps biotech companies repurpose their existing libraries for alternative markets.






AtomWise utilizes deep learning and neural networks to assist in the discovery of new pharmaceuticals and medicines for consumer use. This helps to reduce the amount of time the research and development cycle takes when bringing drugs to the clinical trials and market-ready phases.




BetterFit Technologies

BetterFit Technologies uses AI to determine the efficiency and side-effects of drugs by comparing the individual customer’s drug and medical history against the makeup of any given medication, allowing a more personalized range of treatment options.





Cloud Pharmaceuticals


Cloud Pharmaceuticals combines AI and cloud computing to reduce the cost of drug discovery. The Cloud Pharmaceuticals model allows for researchers to model compounds and their interactions and better grasp how chemicals will interact in the body. Modeling the interactions of chemicals gives Cloud a true edge in their line of work.




Benevolent AI

Benevolent AI provides actionable insights into the world of bioscience. Benevolent AI is currently working on neurodegenerative and inflammatory diseases like ALS and Parkinson’s. Benevolent AI’s insights have garnered enough attention to net them more than 100 million dollars in funding.








OWKIN uses AI and data collection to address the traditionally long cycle from research to market of pharmaceuticals. OWKIN analyzes patient health data, medical images, and other information to help physicians get the tools and data they need to treat patients more effectively. Reducing the time to market means that more late-stage and emerging patients can have hope for treatment.






AICure visually confirms that patients take their medicine via smartphone. AICure addresses the issue of clinical trial patients not following dosage recommendations or failing to take the drugs at all. AICure helps resolve this issue by both reminding patients to consume the proper dosage but also by confirming it was taken. AICure has received funding from the NI and currently has more than 25 U.S.and international patents with over 55 more pending approval.





rMark Bio


rMark Bio connects researchers with funding based on their research and achievements, not based on their pedigree or contacts. rMark Bio is helping to break down the walls that many emerging scientists face when entering the industry. Reputation may be a common metric for hiring scientists, but it is not necessarily the best.






MotionHall brings predictive analytics to business development and licensing. Analytics are combined with the experience of numerous industry leaders, giving MotionHall clients a definitive edge when formulating deals in the pharmaceuticals industry.




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