Top 10 Artificial Intelligence Companies Disrupting Healthcare

  • 6 March 2017
  • Cas Proffitt

Life expectancy rates across the globe have doubled since the early 1900’s when the average life expectancy ranged between 30–40 years.

Rises in knowledge about biology and substantial improvements in health care have given people time to do more with their lives than ever. Now, with disruptive technologies such as artificial intelligence, we are rapidly expanding our knowledge of the human body, disease treatment, and even advancing personalized patient care that adapts to their preferences.



These ten artificial intelligence companies operating in the healthcare sector are creating longer lives and happier patients for the betterment of mankind:

Deep Genomics


Deep Genomics is applying machine learning to studying and mapping the effects of diseases on our genes. Deep Genomics utilizes machine learning to make inferences and form hypotheses based on large sets of data. The hypotheses are formed in correlation with cell-level changes due to illness.



AiCure applies reasonable science to a common issue with clinical trials–people refuse to take their medicine. AiCure solves the issue by allowing for photo confirmation of the medicine being taken. The benefits of reducing the error rate and cost of clinical trials include more accurate determinations in testing, reduced cost for repeat trials due to error, and potentially cheaper medication.

Desktop Genetics


Desktop Genetics is a bioinformatics company specializing in CRISPR sgRNA design for cell line engineering, drug discovery and clinical cell therapies. Now almost five years old, Desktop Genetics applies market-leading machine learning approaches to genome engineering projects for researchers all over the world.



Infermedica provides an AI-based diagnostic tool for patients. Infermedica checks the patient’s symptoms and defers the information to clinical staff for triage and further diagnosis. Infermedica can be customized in terms of language, scope, and even functionality. Infermedica can be accessed via website, app, chatbot, or API.

Care Angel


Care Angel uses virtual intelligence to keep track of your loved ones, so they can remain safe and independent in their later years. Care Angel monitors their vital signs and mental health on a daily basis through the use of simple questions and conversation. Care Angel is “as simple to use as answering the telephone.”


You can keep in touch with them on LinkedIn here.



Deep 6 Analytics


Deep 6 Analytics uses artificial intelligence and NLP to speed up the screening process for clinical trials and reduce the time to market for potentially life-saving cures. The most noticeable benefit to the Deep 6 approach is the significant reduction in patient recruitment time, a period in which no testing can occur.



Imagia applies artificial intelligence to medical image processing. Given the importance of spotting cancer early and knowing that many times, unknown cancer was visible on previous scans, the importance of being correct in an analysis cannot be understated. This is why Imagia exists–to provide consistently accurate image processing analysis.

Ada Health


Ada is an artificial intelligence based startup that collects a working medical history and helps to prepare doctors by briefing them before they get to the exam room. By reducing the time taken to determine what their symptoms are, Ada helps patients move more quickly through the doctor’s office and get back to their day.





Embodied, Inc.


Embodied is combining decades of experience in research into socially assistive robots, animation, and bringing products to market. Embodied products combine state of the art robotics with artificial intelligence to redefine personal wellbeing. Their products can act as companions or motivators dependant upon users’ needs.


Inside DNA


InsideDNA utilizes AI to reduce the time it takes for drug discovery. The reduced time for discovery allows companies to expand on their existing drug libraries. Inside DNA incorporates data mining into their model to supply the AI with the information it will be processing.

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