Top 10 Artificial Intelligence Companies to Watch in Transportation

  • 18 May 2017
  • Cas Proffitt

Transportation is one of the biggest aspects of infrastructure that keeps the modern world functioning efficiently. It’s how we get imported foods like out-of-season produce and many of the other items people now see as basic wants like new electronics and clothing. Many of our roadways and routes were developed decades if not centuries ago, but that doesn’t mean that transportation can’t grow into something smarter.


With artificial intelligence, roadways become safer, smarter places through the use of personal assistants, AI vehicle maintenance help, and even autonomous, self-driving commercial vehices.


Check out the top ten AI companies in the transportation industry to watch right now!



Exploride has brought an augmented reality, artificial intelligence, and machine vision solution to automobiles. Exploride bridges the gap between non-intrusive diagnostics, hands-free environment control, and communication with the outside world into one package. Best of all, the screen is translucent, so it does not interfere with the driver’s view of the road.


Exploride offers insight into maintenance needs, reckless driving habits, and usage statistics. Exploride monitors fuel usage, average fuel mileage, time spent driving, and more.







AImotive has brought a hardware agnostic platform for integrating self-driving technology into vehicles today. AImotive enables drivers to adapt older vehicles to their platform and prevent the need to buy an entirely new vehicle.


AImotive employs depth sensing machine vision technology as well as a neural network to adapt to the laws, weather, and driving environment of the location in which it is operating.




Third Space Auto

Third Space Auto integrates an artificial intelligence and machine learning based personal assistant into connected vehicles called retains core functionality even when it is not connected to a network. also has an SDK to let customers adapt the assistant to their needs. verifies each driver based on their voice and adapts its involvement and functionality according to driver activity patterns. integrates social data into a navigation system based in the user’s smartphone, their platform is called Xero. Xero uses natural language processing and artificial intelligence to provide real-time information about local events. Xero integrates with AI personal assistants to offer drivers information according to their tastes.


 is crowdsourcing 60-billion miles worth of driving data to teach their machine vision and artificial intelligence product on the optimal pathways and localized driving mechanics based on their location. is bringing self-driving car technology to market at between 1/10th and 1/100th of the cost of traditional LIDAR-based systems, opening up new avenues for general consumer operation.






Xevo is a driving artificial intelligence provider that works with some of the top brands in transportation to provide analytics and artificial intelligence in vehicles. Xevo has deployed more than 10-million smart solutions into vehicles.


Xevo is constantly testing their AI solutions in real-time through a combination of cloud-based analytics, big data aggregation, and data diversity–all in order to provide the optimal user experience.





Auro Robotics

Auro Robotics has developed a self-driving university shuttle to assist students in navigating large campuses. Auro can be used for university campuses, residential communities, and even corporate lands such as parks. Auro Robotics shuttles are leased, fully electric, and insured against liability.


The companion app allows both fleet operators and passengers to track the location of nearby shuttles as well as call for a ride.


 is striving to build the brain of fully autonomous vehicles. has been featured by news outlets such as the MIT Technology Review, c|net, and Fortune. is harnessing deep learning and artificial intelligence to help cars behave as though they had real human drivers. is working to make and sell retrofit supplies to turn corporate vehicle fleets into self-driven vehicle fleets and optimize resource usage such as fuel, maintenance costs, and employee productivity and time.







Braiq is incorporating human emotion and biometrics with an artificial intelligence and self-driving car platform. Braiq uses human emotion to adjust they vehicle’s driving style to suit the comforts of the passenger(s). Braiq gathers biometric information and analyzes it to determine the emotional state of the passenger.


Do you know of any other AI companies in the transportation industry that deserve a spot on this list? Let us know in the comments below!


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