Top 10 AI Companies To Watch in the Publishing Industry

  • 23 May 2017
  • Cas Proffitt

The publishing world has been turned upside down in recent decades by things like blogging, self-publishing, and Kindle. In fact, 70% of book sales were digital in 2017. Of course, you already know the impact of blogs on the proliferation of information–after all, you are here, not reading a physical paper. But media isn’t done changing yet. Artificial intelligence is making strides in the world of publishing and content delivery. It strives to offer insight to authors and readers alike so that content is as targeted as possible and easy to find for interested users. Through the help of artificial intelligence, publishing is smarter and more seamless than ever before.




Check out the top ten artificial intelligence companies in the publishing industry.



Synapsify is a data company that uses machine intelligence and natural language processing (NLP) to analyze content. This way, companies can better identify and share the most impactful, meaningful content, especially as it concerns customer feedback. It can view unstructured data as well as text from surveys, social media, and customer reviews and direct marketers to which content they should focus on. It even helps companies identify trends.







AUTHORS uses artificial intelligence to focus on two major facets of publishing that are vitally important to the industry–making the best connections and acquiring the right content. AUTHORS offers services for both publishers and authors alike and helps connect them with one another through relevant projects. They also offer a machine learning based manuscript analysis that helps authors compare their projects to bestselling texts. As their website explains:


When you upload your manuscript, the program grabs it, reads it, and measures it across elements of craft, style, grammar, plot, and more, to discover the similarities or dissimilarities your manuscript shares with the bestseller standard.”






Faveeo is a listening platform that helps marketers and companies analyze information on any given topic and publish the most relevant information to expand reach. Not only can it curate content, but it can also aggregate and analyze insights and trends related to any industry or business. It can help with curation and publication through artificial intelligence with better filters and suggested topics, but can also help with R&D and more.






Intellego is making the entire publishing industry smarter through artificial intelligence, cognitive analytics, and big data. They make recommendation bots that can provide targeted intelligence and analytics to businesses. For publishers, they offer backlist analysis and merchandising tools. And for authors and content editors, they offer editing and analysis tools for manuscripts. They’re also the creator of Alertsy for Slack.






Weave helps with information discovery. It aggregates published content in many categories from sports to business. The platform claims to increase reach and engagement by up to 55x by automating content enrichment and maintenance and aggregating and analyzing content across different channels via “Weaves.” They offer these intelligent compilations for things like marketing campaigns, documents, specific products, and more.   Users are recommended relevant content to their interests from films, events, and much more to make information consumption a process of discovery.






Missum helps users get the big picture about any topic or story. Using artificial intelligence, Missum will offer counterstories to whatever users are reading without having to scour the web themselves. Users can select topics that interest them most for curated information tailored especially to them. Then, they can get a spherical view of any topic for well-rounded, educated information consumption. This multiple source aggregation bursts the persistence of the online echo chambers. It’s changing publishing and consumption to be eons smarter for consumers and publishers alike.  






NOOWIT is also about “smart media.” They use artificial intelligence to help creators make intelligent magazines that adapt to user interests. The magazine edits itself for each individual user to give the most tailored experience possible without losing the magic of print publication. This makes the lives of both publishers and editors smarter and happier.






Deep.BI helps publishers distribute content and grow audiences by using predictive analytics and big data in relation to reader behavior and content performance.  They offer real-time analysis, pay-as-you-go plans, and unlimited scalability–terabytes of data per day. Users can even test strategy hypotheses on historical data. This makes the publishing process smarter and more insightful.







MediaServista uses disruptive technology such as machine learning, natural language processing, and predictive analytics to help publishers and users alike to create and consume the right content. In their own words:


MediaServista is a platform that understands online content and can automatically extract categories, tags and even generate summaries from any web page. Also, it builds end users profiles based on what content they read and how they read it, making it possible for publishers to deliver meaningful and personalized content to its target audience.”


Now that is smart publishing.







Using machine learning and data science, Echobox has created an artificial intelligence that understands the meaning of content. Their social media assistant, Larry, helps online publishers grow through curation on Facebook and Twitter. He analyzes past and current data as well as trends in followers to generate a constantly adaptive social media strategy.





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