Top 10 Artificial Intelligence Companies In Health and Fitness

  • 25 May 2017
  • Cas Proffitt

Artificial intelligence can do more than make us smarter–it can make us healthier. In recent times, fitness companies are seeing the benefits of AI to help users reach their health goals. They cover everything from skin health to AI coaching to virtual reality Holodeck-style exercise programs. With each passing year, we see AI integrate even deeper into our lives, and they are offering benefits all around for humanity.


Check out these ten AI companies who have an eye for fitness and health.


Boltt Sports Technologies

Boltt Sports Technologies has developed an artificial intelligence-based personal assistant incorporated with smart shoes that measure stride length, running speed, form, and more. Boltt Sports Technologies is the AI personal assistant that continually engages with and motivates users on a daily basis.


Blott Sports Technologies also has a wristband that monitors user biometrics, activity, and sleep to ensure that optimal living conditions are established and maintained.






Hacarus is an AI-powered nutritionist application that helps users maintain a healthy balance between exercise, proper nutrition, and self-maintenance. Hacarus allows users to log meals into the system and analyze them to they  receive feedback on which other nutrients they need and when.







Ensa connects with patient health information to offer personalized recommendations for users in terms of exercise and nutrition. Ensa uses artificial intelligence and data standardization to help users change their personal practices for the better and improve their own well-being. Ensa also lets users share their habit progress with friends, family, and physicians alike.


In the event that a user has a long-term illness such as diabetes or high blood pressure, Ensa will send them daily reminders to help them stay on track and healthy.







Robotbase has developed Generation X, the world’s first artificial intelligence personal robot. Robotbase is also producing highly-ergonomic office furniture like the Smart Desk, Smart Stool, and ErgoChair. The ErgoChair adjusts to the size, position, and anatomy of users with a series of adjustment knobs and an aerated backing to prevent sweat buildup.


Generation X can order dinner reservations, adjust thermostats, call for a cab, and secure user homes among many other functions.







Everyone loves that healthy glow that accompanies going to the gym, right? QuantifiedSkin uses artificial intelligence and deep learning in order to “cognify skin care.” We don’t know much about them yet, but they are looking to hire some pros if you work in the AI field.






FeedbacK Enterprise

FeedbacK Enterprise is developing artificial intelligence-based coaches to help athletes build their skills and become even better at the things they care about. FeedbacK is planning to expand into other industries but currently covers golf.  


FeedbacK uses automated coaching to ensure every member receives consistent attention and input about their practice efficiency.








LifeNome analyzes each individual genomic profile in order to offer customers insight into their genetic risks and benefits. LifeNome can incorporate data from 23andme or other similar raw genetics data. LifeNome incorporates artificial intelligence to ensure that users information is processed in the most efficient way possible.


Among the services offered by LifeNome are nutrition and fitness guidance, dieting, skin care, and more.






Holodia SAS

Holodia has developed HoloFit, a VR-based exercise platform designed to maximize user engagement and motivation. Holodia uses artificial intelligence to both coach and follow up with users about their exercise patterns and other factors.


Holodia provides users with the advantage of being able to melt away into another reality as they exercise, even competing against other individuals who are active on the HoloFit system.






Zova has developed an AI-based solution for how infrequently people get up and move in the digital age. The Zova app is available through the Apple App Store and provides users with motivation to keep on track with their exercise routine as opposed to intimidating them with complex technology options.


Higher activity has been linked to a plethora of benefit–among them are happier demeanor and longer life expectancy.





Arthesis Covers

Arthesis Covers is creating visually appealing covers for prosthetics to empower individuals with prosthetics to express themselves and stand out in a crowd (or blend in if they choose.) Arthesis Covers designs both covers and external accessory pieces for further aesthetic desires.


Arthesis Covers product changes easily and stays strong whether wearers are working out or carrying out less intensive daily activities.





Do you know of any other AI companies in the fitness industry who belong on this list? Let us know in the comments below!

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