Top 10 Artificial Intelligence and IoT Companies Disrupting the Music Industry

  • 26 May 2017
  • Cas Proffitt

Music has always been vital to life. People sing just as the birds do, and music is one of the most profound and universal ways to convey emotion. So then it makes sense that we as people have brought some of our most innovative technologies to music. We even have AIs composing their own songs nowadays, like the first pop song ever fully composed by an AI–”Daddy’s Car.”


Artificial intelligence and Internet of Things both have made significant impacts on the music industry with more yet to come. Here are the top ten to watch:


Amper Music

Amper Music just received $4M in funding at the beginning of March 2017.


There has been an issue in recent times for content creators, and that’s finding good, affordable, and fitting music. This is true for streamers, Youtubers, game creators, and practically everyone online who creates content.


Amper Music is using the power of artificial intelligence to help users create custom music for use in their content.  You can currently sign up for the beta on their website if you agree to their contract terms.







With Pacemaker, DJs can create “Recipes,” a proprietary file that contains a mix of music to generate revenue. DJs can share mixes on Spotify for users. Using artificial intelligence, Pacemaker offers intuitive mixing tools for iOS and Android, so users can easily share their mixes.






Melomics helps users find, share, and buy music. Of their notable composers is “lamus,” a supercomputer that is credited with creating the first classical music by a non-human intelligence. Lamus is also considered the first computer to have developed its own musical style.







Evergig explains what they do best themselves. In their own words:

Thanks to its automated process, EVERGIG’s Artificial Intelligence allows crowdsourced concert videos to be synchronized with HD audio (thanks to deals with indie labels and major companies), ranks all footage against a 14-point algorithm, picks, and then edits the best of each sequence, offering a DYNAMIC and EVOLVING montage of the show by mixing UGC video with professional sound.”






Muru Music

Muru Music works with the music apps that many of us already use, such as Spotify Premium, to recommend the perfect music for any occasion that is perfectly suited a user’s tastes and style. They offer fresh music discovery and even sliders to set the mood for a dynamic playlist. That’s smart music.







Rhythm AI is using artificial intelligence and deep learning to help new artists. They are new, and right now are using royalty free music to generate new income streams. Their coming offerings include music generation and songwriting.





Jellynote uses artificial intelligence to help teach master classes to those who have a hunger to learn music. They offer a multi-platform, multi-mode interface that lets users connect, learn how to play music, and share in a community with similar tastes, talents, and interests. They have 400,000+ songs available to learn.







Accusonus is all about high-tech solutions in music, and they have rave reviews from their users. They are the makers behind such products as Regroover and Drumatom. Their specific focus is software for professional music creators.







Have you ever been dancing to a beat that hits you on a cellular level? Have you ever woken up the next day only to realize you just can’t figure out what the name of the song was? Trak can help. They offer a connected wristband that tracks the songs you dance to at clubs, festivals, etc. and saves that information for you to check later.







Morfnn calls themselves “IFTTT for events.”


If you’re putting on a concert, your followers may have options to control ambient lights, display pictures on huge LED screens, and even play sound effects. Because users get to participate in the concert, it can be a massively memorable and engaging experience for everyone. This is high-tech plus co-creation at its finest.


You can keep in touch with them on Facebook here.


Do you know of any other high tech companies in the music industry that belong on this list? Let us know in the comments below!


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