Top 10 Aerospace Companies to Watch in 2017

  • 9 March 2017
  • Cas Proffitt

The aerospace industry has seen many changes including the boom of drones and the budding commercial space industry. We made lists of companies to watch for both of those here (drones) and here (space travel), but would also like to share with you some other innovations in the aerospace industry. Check out these top ten aerospace companies to watch in 2017.

Inflight VR

Imagine being able to forget you’re on a plane, especially on long, grueling flights. Inflight VR is bringing virtual reality entertainment to airlines so that passengers can take the hours spent in the plane’s cabin and instead view worlds that are limited only by the human imagination. Of course, there is potential for this form of “otherworldly” entertainment to help ease flight anxiety as well. Inflight VR is helping to establish standards to keep all passengers safe and entertained while using virtual reality during flight.



Although they don’t yet offer much information, Glactica is formed by a venture company called Lurkin, and it’s their mission to make space exploration available to all of mankind. We will be watching their site and Twitter for new information.





Libre Space Foundation

The Libre Space Foundation upholds open-source principles and applies them to space, leaving space open to all. They develop tech that includes space projects, ground station equipment, global monitoring networks, and satellite missions. They are a registered nonprofit who regularly provides the public openly-developed software, hardware, designs, content, and networks for use in space related projects.




Acerta Analytics

Acerta works with both aerospace and automobile companies to detect anomalies and predict failures using the input from the many sensors involved in these vehicles. Their analysis uses machine learning in order to notice any changes and assist customers in improving their designs.





Radikl is using machine learning and big data analytics to help reshape the aerospace industry. Their site isn’t live just yet, but the idea sounds promising. We will watch their homepage to see how they put it all together.





ZED Aerospace

In an age where flight has become a frustration for many travelers, ZED Aerospace is promising to put the awe and appeal back into the experience. They are an upcoming U.S. airline who doesn’t believe in the annoying aspects of modern flight—”Endless lines. Hidden fees. Dirty bathrooms. Cramped legs. Middle seats. Confusing fares. Silly airline policies. And time wasted in gigantic, inconveniently located airports. This isn’t how flying should be.” I have a huge hope that they will be offering flights to Phnom Penh.





Mothership Aeronautics

Mothership Aeronautics has built an autonomous solar airship meant for use in high-value aerial data collection. The current version can perform inspections previously done by planes and helicopters for a tiny fraction of the cost using a 4k stabilized, gimballed camera. Although they are currently using a remote control, the fully automated version is on the horizon.





Kleos Geolocation Intelligence

Kleos best explained what they do themselves. Here is an excerpt from their AngelList page:

“Kleos has patented proprietary technology to manufacture structures in Space to create an orbiting satellite that enables collection of a unique, complete picture of target radio frequency (RF) data from any device transmitting the relevant radio frequencies to geolocate individuals or vehicles to within ~100 metres of their actual location.”

It makes me wonder if their space manufacturing tech will be put into use for other innovative projects.




Eigen Aero

Okay, so Eigen Aero is focusing on drones right now. However, with their tendency toward non-traditional solutions and commitment to innovation, it is very likely their technology will come to influence much of the aerospace industry. Look at this gorgeous V1 Vindicatore UAV drone, and you can immediately see the levels of innovation Eigen Aero is dealing in. It looks like something from a high-dollar sci-fi art gallery.






Blackbird is offering private flights in the California area for a fraction of the time it would take to drive and in a budget-friendly way. They have an app for Android and iOS for users to book private flights and cut their travel time by a ton.






SkyGuru is an app to help with flight anxiety created by pilot, aviation psychologist, and expert in aerophobia, Alex Gervash. The app helps passengers understand in real-time what is going on during the flight including turbulence forecast, weather information, and even an analysis of strange sounds, motions, and feelings during the flight using phone sensors. It gives advice on how to cope with the flight and stay calm until users arrive safely at their destinations.


Do you know of any other aerospace inventions we should be watching in 2017? Let us know in the comments!

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