Top 10 3D Printing Companies to Watch in 2017

  • 12 April 2017
  • Cas Proffitt

3D Printing has been all the rage for the past few years, but now companies are really starting to put this tech to valuable use. One turn that has made this industry even more disruptive is the CLIP (Continuous Liquid Interface Production) that uses UV light to grow objects out of a pool of resin.
Plus, it looks like something out of a sci-fi film.

But that’s not the only innovation in 3D printing. Check out these top ten 3D printing companies to watch in 2017


Handsmith 3D prints bionic hands for those in need in order to make a difference in the lives of the many amputees across the world. They have an easy to fill out form for to request a hand—hands that would otherwise cost $45,000 dollars on average. With their donation system, kind-hearted folks can help provide hands to people without.

They are among several companies offering bionic prosthetics including OpenBionics who makes movie-themed prosthetics for children which I mentioned in the Top 10 Robotics Companies to Watch in 2017.



Saphium Biotechnology

Saphium Biotechnology is capitalizing on 3D printing by making the process environmentally friendly. They create 3D printer filament made of all-natural, non-toxic, and compostable plastics.

The Saphium alternative is carbon dioxide neutral and, when buried, degrades within 60 days, leaving behind only a fertilizer for plants to flourish.



MarkForged – Metal X

MarkForged is known for revolutionizing 3D printing technology with projects such as composite carbon fiber printing, but they’ve done it again with the Metal X.

A major factor against those who are interested in 3D metal printing, until now, has been cost. Metal X 3D printers are less than $100k, make it more accessible to others who can build their own innovative creations using metal 3D printing tech. 



Cambrian Genomics

This is the second list of mine Cambrian Genomics has made this year, because they were also featured in the Top 10 Startups Disrupting BioTech.

Cambrian Genomics is laser printing DNA for those researchers who would generally order or clone DNA totaling $1 billion per year. Their DNA printing services help support this industry. (PRNewsFoto/New Matter)

New Matter

New Matter is about accessibility, and their mission is to bring 3D printers into every home, school, and office by making consumer-ready affordable 3D printers and printable designs for all skill levels. Their printers are affordable, safe, easy to use, and wifi-enabled.

Examples of consumer-ready 3D printing projects on their store include plant stakes, hand rakes, and trellis hooks—all in preparation for spring. The Mod-T printer is only $299 right now, cheaper than many laser printers on the market.



Cartesian Co

Cartesian Co claims the title of first consumer-level 3D circuit board printer. Although they were sold out when I checked, I am on the list to know as soon as they get them back in stock.

The printer prints silver nanostructure onto various substrates to create complex electronics from home in a only minutes. They were first funded by Kickstarter where they reached their goal by over 400%.



Nano Dimension

Nano Dimension is another 3D printer for circuit boards. They use functional nano-inks in a combination of laser printing tech and 3D printing tech to prototype electronics quickly and accurately.

They say you can “develop the RF and digital sections of the board in parallel, test and iterate on the fly.”

An added benefit to Nano Dimension 3D printers is that the keep the process of printing PCBs as green as possible.



Made in Space

Made in Space is bringing 3D printing to the ISS. They’ve tested their machines by flying 900 microgravity parabolas, and their extensive testing has brought them to designing the first 3D printers for use on the ISS.

Their hope is to bring additive manufacturing tech to space so that they no longer need to be launched from Earth but can be created aboard the space station. Of course, this also opens opportunities for space research that were previously unheard of or implausible.




BioBots makes 3D bioprinters and bioinks so that we can print life. Their printers hook right into a desktop PC to let users print biostructures whether they’re a lab “researcher or a high school biology teacher.”

You can build high-resolution 3D living tissues from human cells with the BioBots printer, right on your desktop. This is disrupting both biotech and 3D printing and deserves every ounce of attention it gets. They even offer a Wiki about building with biomatter.



Natural Machines

Natural Machines, maker of the Foodini, lets users 3D print food. Their 3D food printer prints dishes from fresh ingredients in intriguing and complex ways. Plus, it will fit right on your countertop. Their site is filled with amazing images of 3D printed edible snowflakes, messages, and more. And it all looks delicious!

The future is now, folks.

Which 3D printing companies are you watching in 2017? Let us know in the comments!

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