Top 10 3D Printing Companies Disrupting Healthcare

  • 8 May 2017
  • Cas Proffitt

Most disruptive technologies are finding a profitable niche in healthcare–from IoT devices, virtual reality surgeon tools, and more. 3D printing is no exception. One-size-fits-all healthcare is a thing of the past with custom-fitted 3D printed devices that range from prosthetics and orthotics to teeth alignment devices. As 3D printing becomes more cost-effective and widespread in terms of both printing materials and the printers themselves, patients everywhere are benefiting from customization that provide substantially improved comfort and ease of use.





Check out the top ten companies using 3D printing technology in the healthcare industry!



Wiivv provides customers with custom-fitted, 3D-printed orthopedic inserts to alleviate pain associated with improper balance or pressure distribution on their feet. Wiivv fits customers through scanning via the user’s smartphone. Wiivv has several product offerings that customers can use in different daily situations.






ZDravPrint creates 3D printed custom orthotics for arms and hands for use after injuries and surgeries. Special software creates a 3D model of the patient’s limb and prints the blank orthotic to size in only a few minutes. Then, the patient’s doctor is able to form the custom brace to the patient in five minutes or less. Customers can order orthotics directly from the site with a doctor’s referral, but a doctor is needed in order to fit the brace to the patient.







BioFab produces both prosthetics and tissue samples via 3D printing. In addition to printing samples and prosthetics, BioFab also produces 3D printers and biomaterials for sale to research institutions both nationally and internationally. BioFab produces tissues, organs, and cartilage on demand.







MetaMason helps customers who suffer from Sleep Apnea through the use of 3D scanning and printing technologies to create effective and comfortable CPAP masks. MetaMason fits users precisely with a 3D scanner to ensure maximum comfort, and 3D printing allows their devices to be created from ideal materials with stringent standards for quality.






UNYQ provides their customers with custom-fitted, 3D printed prosthetics and scoliosis braces that suit their style. UNYQ offers color customization and IoT connectivity to make sure the user is wearing their gear correctly. UNYQ even offers finish customization on their custom-made orthotics and prosthetics. Colors range from black to white, red to violet, and even skin colors.






Aortica Corporation

Aortica Corp. was founded to resolve the inability of many patients to recieve treatment for AAA disease. Aortica Corp. uses a combination of CT scans, proprietary software, and 3D printing technology to provide patients with a custom-made endograft. This patient-geared approach has brought Aortica more than $7-million in external funding.






3D Operations

3D Operations assists surgeons by offering 3D printed models for the operator to practice on before getting into the room with the patient. 3D Ops uses a CT or MRI scan to create an exact, 1:1 scale replica of the specific patient’s anatomy for the doctor to practice on, offering a level of familiarity and efficiency that was previously unattainable.







Po is a not-for-profit organization that helps create unique and fitted prosthetics for their members to wear. Po hopes to help their members achieve a certain level of pride in wearing their prosthetic and grow with the organization. Po wants to help individuals express themselves in a previously unavailable manner.







DentoSmile empowers traditional dentists to provide their patients with invisible dental alignment tools that slowly correct the alignment of their teeth. DentoSmile aligners are normally worn for 12 to 18 months and reassessed bi-monthly for new aligners until the patient’s teeth are properly aligned. DentoSmile uses no wires or other tools that would require an orthodontist and can be removed when needed.





Orchestrate Orthodontic Technologies

O3D uses a unique, high-speed and ultra-high resolution stereolithographic 3D printing method to produce models of patient’s teeth and aligners from durable materials that cure quickly. O3D’s printers, scanners, and resins are available directly from their retailers or online store.





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