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This New Augmented Reality Smart Glasses Could Change The Way People Consume Sports

  • 12 January 2018
  • Jermaine Wright

CES 2018

Augmented Reality (AR) Smart Glasses and Software Development startup ThirdEye Gen Inc., officially unveiled its new AR headset the X1 Smart Glasses at CES 2018.  The X1 will be available for pre-orders with shipment in Q1 of 2018.

The AR Smart Glasses comes equipped with the latest chips, sensors and powerful optics. Its HD Augmented Reality display is the equivalent to a 90”screen at 10 feet.

With such a large viewing range the X1 Smart Glasses, which run on Android, could change the way people consume sports because of its potential to enhance the fan experience. Now imagine sitting on your couch watching 8 NFL games on big screens simultaneously without having to cover your wall with physical flat screens.

This wide 45-degree diagonal field of view separates ThirdEye’s glasses from the competition whose devices weren’t necessarily designed for the long-term consumption of augmented reality content.

The ThirdEye X1 Smart Glasses is significantly wider than, for example, Google Glass, which had a 10-degree field of view. A glance up, down, left or right, for example, will reveal seven additional big screens alongside the primary one in the user’s direct field of view. That’s when the user is standing still.

If the user rotates their body 360 degrees, they can view as many as 16 screens – picture the NFL RedZone but you’re fully in control.

The multiple screens facilitate the supplementation of interactive statistics with the primary game. This is something that leagues, such as the NFL, and companies like Sportradar and Twitch, have been experimenting with to enhance the viewing experience.

“We’re taking everything on your phone and bringing it up to your face. When you wear this (X1 Smart Glasses) you get a digital screen in front of you, and just by rotating your head you get eight matches,” ThirdEye founder Nick Cherukuri said in an interview with SportsTechie.

Games can be accessed from any website URL or Facebook live stream via a Wi-Fi connection, as well as any app that runs on Android.

This new AR Smart Glasses could change the way people consume sports
ThirdEye Gen Inc. new AR headset the X1 Smart Glasses. (PHOTO: ThirdEye Gen)

The AR Smart Glasses is powered by a proprietary AR Software that provides a full Enterprise AR platform that provides live audio, video, P.O.V AR data communication between remote users.

The “See What I See” application is hands-free, it is controlled by the user’s head motion The app provides an intuitive AR interface that allows on-site personnel to collaborate with remotely located experts.

The headset contains the largest AR Smart Glasses batteries lasting five to eight hours depending on use. The battery is rechargeable and replaceable, so users can swap out batteries without having to take the headset out of play.

As for the worldwide community of AR/MR developers, ThirdEye has a third-party kit for native apps that can be built specifically for the X1.

The App Store lets developers submit their AR/MR apps, whether free or paid and receive a percentage of every Paid app download.

So far, most of ThirdEye’s sports partnerships have been early stage or experimental in nature. But the startup believes that the list of sports clients and range of use cases for the glasses will expand with the launch.

In addition to their involvement in sports, ThirdEye has developed AR Mapping and Image Recognition applications with other partners. It has partnered with organizations in different sectors and developed custom, integrated solutions for them.

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