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The Future of Work Influencer Series Part 2: Dr. James Canton

  • 31 March 2018
  • Expert Insights

This post is part of our new Future of Work Influencer series where we interview the world's leading Future of Work experts to get their take on the state of the industry, the top trends to watch for, and what the future holds.

The following is an interview we recently had with Dr. James Canton, Global Futurist, Author, Business Advisor and Entrepreneur.

1. How has your perception of what the future of the workplace will look like evolved in the past 5 years?

DJCMy forecasts about the future of work have changed to keep pace with the exponential emergence of game-changing technology innovations and their impact on globalization, competition, changing demographics and geopolitics.

2. What are top technological trends that pertain to the future of work?

DJC: Global 5G wireless connectivity, the Internet of things, 3D manufacturing, big data, robotics, virtual reality and AI are key trends that will shape the future of work. Quantum computing will also be a an emerging trend. Numerous new and disruptive business models and new asset classes will emerge that will create new economic realities. Also new markets like space and climate change will emerge.  

3. How will AI impact the future of work?

DJC: Smarter and more agile jobs that both cooperate and compete with humans will be shaped by AI. Better reasoning and decision making as well as innovative new business models will shape the future of jobs that incorporate AI. AI-enhanced humans will be required for certain high-knowledge jobs where complex computing and creativity is in demand.

4. How will blockchain impact the future of work?

DJC: The blockchain will be a transformative force in creating many new jobs and businesses that leverage distributed networks of trust, identity and transaction agility. Blockchain innovations will transform every industry creating new job categories, especially in health care, energy, commerce, financial services and media. Greater security and transparency will be a central feature of the Blockchain Economy and the future of work.

5. What is, in your estimation, the future of work/ the workplace?

DJC: Jobs in the future will be delinked from workplaces to workspaces. These may be augmented reality virtual worlds where customers and vendors meet or where employees connect. As the future of work becomes shaped by next generation global connectivity, beaming to meetings with your virtual avatar will be an everyday experience..

About Dr. James Canton

Dr. James Canton is CEO and Chairman of the Institute for Global Futures, a leading think tank based in San Francisco. He is one of the leading global futurists and advises startups, companies and governments on global trends. He is the author of Future Smart.

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