Tevatronic: Smart Irrigation Guidance For More Successful Harvestings

  • 23 January 2018 02:30:44 PM
  • By expertinsights

This post is part of our Future of Agriculture series which interviews the leading founders and executives who are on the front lines of the industry to get a better understanding of what problems the industry is facing, what trends are taking place, and what the future looks like.

The following is an interview we recently had with Oleg Korol, CEO of Tevatronic LTD.

1. What’s the history of Tevatronic? Where and how did you begin?

OK: Tevatronic has started as an idea in 2001. The idea was based on a new understanding of an old peace of equipment, the tensiometer.

The tensiometer itself is a simple sensor that was invented a long time ago and is been used by farmers in a very limited form for decades.

After researching the question of the tensiometer for a decade or so our PHD , Dr. Isaac Klein together with one of our founders has came up with the theory behind Tevatronic.

If the tensiometer is installed and interpreted properly, it can provide the stress level of a given plant and with it, it is possible to use water as a stress relief mechanism for the plant and make irrigation much more precise.

2. What specific problem does Tevatronic solve? How do you solve it?

OK: The problem that we solve is in no way special, it is actually quite fundamental to the entire field of crop agriculture.

The problem is something that farmers deal with every single day and have to make decisions on in whatever way they can find.

When to irrigate? And how much?

In crop agriculture, this is the main activity of the farmer and in most cases the main reason for his success or failure.

3. What’s the future of agriculture?

Prediction #1: The family farms will either consolidate or become extinct

Prediction #2: Agriculture will become more and more industrial – more and bigger machinery, large-scale management technologies and all the other “standard practices” of an average high-efficiency factory will come into play.

Prediction #3: As a result of the previous two: Automation – we will see more and more manual jobs in agriculture becoming more and more robot based, agriculture will become more and more information-driven an more and more centralized because of it.

In other words, agriculture has not had it IT revolution yet but it soon will.

4. What are the top 3 technology trends you’re seeing in agriculture?

Trend #1: Robotics – to reduce the labor costs

Trend #2: Sensors – to supply the robots and farm owners(farmers) with information

Trend #3: Automation – to automate the day to day management of the agricultural process.

5. Why is the agriculture industry ripe for disruption?

OK: Because it lags behind all other types of mass productions industries and soon enough it will not be able to sustain itself(or the population) without moving forward.

About Oleg Korol

BsC Computer Science (CEO), Leading the business development efforts for Tevatronic.

Skilled sales and business manager with 8+ yrs experience in software development and software development management.




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