Tesla Creates Sleek New Rooftop Solar Panels With Panasonic

  • 10 April 2017
  • Cas Proffitt

Most everyone wants to do their fair share to take care of the environment, and Tesla has long been known for their electrical prowess.

Now, Tesla is making environmentally-sane energy consumption available (and stylishly so!) to modern consumers through their new solar panel offerings which include solar panel tiles from which to build new roofs, called “solar roof,” and mountable solar panels which can be fixed to pre-existing roof structures.


Tesla’s Solar Roof Option


Tesla’s solar roof option offers roofing materials that mimic a variety of textures from terracotta to glass and render the solar panels themselves invisible except from above.  For new homebuilders, these can be an impressive energy option that many would consider even more attractive than traditional roofs.





This fits directly into Tesla’s mission then, as expressed by Elon Musk–to generate solar roofs that are more beautiful, efficient, longer-lasting, and cheaper to install than our current roofing options.


Each tile is designed in multiple layers to offer an aesthetically-pleasing, hyper-efficient, and durable rooftop.








Here is Tesla’s own video about their innovative solar tiling system:

Tesla’s New Solar Panel Option


This weekend, Tesla added an option to their store for solar panels that can easily affix to pre-existing rooftops. Although they are not yet available for purchase, Tesla is offering users quotes on their website.  


According to Electrek, these high-efficiency Panasonic panels will be produced at the new Gigafactory 2 in Buffalo, NY.


For homeowners who may not want to replace an entire roof, they offer sleek panels that blend seamlessly with users’ rooftops and tout no-visibility mounting hardware. According to Futurism, this “understated system was originally created by Zep Solar, which was acquired by SolarCity before Tesla acquired the whole package.” The panels themselves will be produced solely by Panasonic.





Plus, the solar panels integrate with Tesla’s Powerwall.




Powerwall backs up extra solar energy during the daytime, so that in case of a power outage or other emergency (zombie apocalypse included, according to Tesla), important household items can continue to function uninterrupted. They offer a slider on their site to determine how many Powerwalls a house needs depending on the number of bedrooms and electrical devices to be powered in the event of an outage.






Tesla’s Powerwall is kid- and pet-friendly because it outputs no heat and has no exposed wires for prying tiny fingers and paws. Users can even stack up to ten Powerwalls on top of one another, or mount them outdoors because the devices are completely weatherproof. Even better, Powerwalls are quiet, unlike generators, and even monitor power usage and severe weather alerts on their own.


With such sleek innovations, it is apparent that Tesla will continue to be a leading pioneer in the energy world. Solar projects tipped over the 1 million mark in 2016, and is expected to double in to 2 million in 2017, according to Quartz Media. If Tesla continues to innovate, we can expect to see them dominate during this explosive growth.

Do you think Tesla is going to have competition on the solar energy front? Let us know in the comments below!

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