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What’s The State Of Blockchain In Publishing? 7 Experts Share Their Insights

  • 15 April 2019
  • Sam Mire

Publishers inevitably lose track of their content. This is especially true in the digital age, where a work can be easily copied, pasted, and redistributed without authorization.

Clarifying the publishing supply chain is one of the clearest uses for blockchain in the industry. Once larger publishers accept that investing in blockchain today could reward them in the future, publishing solutions powered by the blockchain will become prevalent.

Let’s see what experts have to say about the state of blockchain technology in publishing.

1. David Turner, Head of Products for Po.et

“The state of blockchain publishing is almost non-existence. Technologies like InterPlanetary File System (IPFS) can be used for publishing, but it still needs applications built around the tech to be useful.”


2. Rob Giometti, CTO of Sapien

Rob Giometti“Although still in its nascency, blockchain in publishing is beginning to show tremendous potential through several different avenues.

Blockchain technologies facilitate micro-payments and subscriptions that will enable will enable the continued existence of quality publications and encourage the growth of new ones.

Blockchain identity solutions allow readers greater confidence in the identity and reputation of publishers. The transparency provided by immutable ledgers will help content creators establish ownership of original content and receive fair compensation for the value that they have created.”

3. David Brierley, Founder of Howdoo

David Brierley“As in many sectors, blockchain in publishing is awash with blockchain social media projects all looking to improve upon the status quo and position themselves as disruptors and innovators.

Some are looking to identify and protect against piracy of content, while others want to create sources of validated information. Others aim to reconcile payment, evaluate advertising more accurately, and distribute revenue more fairly.

There are arguably too many blockchain projects vying to unseat the centralized incumbents with one-dimensional approaches, and we need to see more projects that deliver a multifaceted platform that the world will embrace.”

4. Valerian Bennett, Founder and CEO of The POP Network

Valerian Bennett“It seems the industry is on the cusp of breaking out. Much of the hype has died and now the only ones left are the real builders. 2019 should see lots of real products coming to market.”



5. Richard Skidmore, Head of Business Development at Dot Blockchain Media

Richard Skidmore“We are among a handful of blockchain-based companies trying to improve the publishing industry. I think the state is mixed across the industry dependent on the size and technical aptitude of the company. We have certainly identified kinks in the supply chain where publishers lose visibility of their works.”

6. Barbara Bickham, Founder of Trailyn Ventures, LLC

Barbara Bickham“Publishing is a new market for the blockchain.  There are several applications in video games (Decimated), music (MusicCoin), video (Verasity)  and book publishing (Publica). There are also sites like Steemit and Everpedia that utilize the blockchain to publish crowdsourced content.”

7. Arjun Mendhi, CEO at MTonomy

Arjun Mendhi“Media publishing is undergoing a fundamental transformation, and once again, it is driven by technological innovation. Publishing is an industry hungry for new solutions to support the Cambrian explosion of digital content, distribution channels and connected consumers.

Blockchain engineers and researchers are moving beyond whitepapers and developing new products, enabling this technology-driven inflection point for publishers of all stripes. From our vantage point at MTonomy, we see the beginning of a massive wave of value creation — for media creators, rightsholders, and consumers.”

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