4 Startups That are Encouraging a more Zen-centric Office

  • 6 July 2016
  • Disruptor Daily

The yoga craze has steadily been on the rise since the 1990’s. The health benefits it brings to the body have brought people to the practice in droves – not to mention celebrities who credit the practice for their incredible physiques a la Jennifer Aniston.

Aside from the aesthetic benefits, a larger part of practicing yoga has to do with creating stillness of the mind and several employers are beginning to realize the benefits it could bring their companies by encouraging a more Zen-centric office culture.

Startup companies have begun to see the benefits of making wellness programs available to their employees and with good reason. Neuroscientists have discovered a direct relationship between meditation practices and actual changes in our brain chemistry in areas that foster creative thinking. While not all of the companies on this list are focused on meditation, they’ve created offerings that ultimately will help to center the mind and nurture a less stress-filled work environment.

These four startups are leading the way in creating a zen-centric office by creating options that appeal to a variety of needs and interests.


A company which creates wellness programs for small to medium businesses, Exubrancy’s sole purpose is to help employers ensure their worker’s overall happiness. Smaller organizations do not have the funds to carry an onsite staff to organize and implement robust wellness plans. Exubrancy has made it possible for these organizations to offer plans on par with their enterprise counterparts. The company travels to their customer’s locations and offers meditation services as well as massage, wellness education and yoga.

The Path

The Path offers daily guided meditation to anyone willing to sit quietly. They don’t require you to come in workout clothes so you could drop by in the middle of the workday if necessary to get your ohm fix before heading back to your daily grind.


A mobile application which is also available through your computer, this application is like having a guru in your pocket. Headspace makes meditation available to anyone, anywhere and anytime. With dozens of sessions ready to download, reaching your happy place is never far off. So, if you’re someone who isn’t necessarily into group activities, this would be a top-notch option for you.


Possibly the company with the best name on the list, LifeDojo has a myriad of programs employers may offer their staff to contribute to their overall happiness. With series geared toward healthy eating habits, stress management and improving overall resilience, among others, LifeDojo enables companies to provide healthy solutions to their employees aimed at making their lives better both in and away from the workplace.

As zen-centric services such as these become more widely available, employers would do well to check them out and decide if there’s a place for them at their organization. Of course, none of these types of programs should be mandatory, it’s counterproductive! But presenting the option, letting employees know that they’re cared about on a personal level beyond how they benefit the company, falls in line with the modern workplace cultures that personnel is coming to expect from their employers.

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