The space industry used to be a realm for only government players and Klingons, but now that it has come out of sci-fi and into the consumer market, opportunities are popping up everywhere. As we expand outside of our planetary confines, we’re bound to unearth innovations and the needs to drive them beyond our wildest imaginations.


Forward-thinkers are gathering all over the planet to discuss some of the most relevant matters pertaining to space like how to get there efficiently and how far we can go.


Check the top ten space conferences to attend in 2017.




Satellite 2017

Mar. 6–9 in Washington D.C.

Ticket price:

Ranges from $50 for exhibit passes to $2,699 for early registration all-access passes


Satellite 2017 will feature a speech by Jeff Bezos (CEO, Amazon). This conference brings like minds together for one reasonadvancing humanity’s understanding and ability to use satellite technology. Satellite 2017 will be topped off with a payload workshop that is co-directed by NASA.


CeBIT Hannover 2017

Mar. 2024 in Hannover, Germany

Ticket price:

Ranges from 50EUR for the “Rock the Blog” ticket to 1990EUR for the “Red Ticket” Exec pass


CeBIT Hannover will present a focus on 5G, drones, and cybersecurity. Among the 2,000+ speakers and presenters at CeBIT 2017 in Hannover will be Edward Snowden and Ray Kurzwell (Co-Founder, Singularity University). One of the main attractions is the Rock the Blog event, an open forum and stage for bloggers and other content creators.


European Space Generation Workshop 2017

Mar. 2425 in Paris, France

Ticket price:

If you would like to contribute, email them at:

Tickets are sold out for this event, but there is always next year!


E-SGW was started to bring fresh minds together to contribute to the advancement of Europe’s legislation and involvement in the astronautics sector. The second, U.S. based conference began in 2012 in order to spread the questions and ideas of the brightest academic, government, and private sector thinkers for the benefit of mankind as we expand beyond Earth.



33rd Space Symposium

Apr. 36 in Colorado Springs, CO

Ticket price:

Tickets are sold out for 2017, but reservations are open now for 2018!


The 33rd Space Symposium is the top conference in the global space industry, bringing together some of the largest astro- and aeronautics corporations as well as young minds in the global space sector. They even hand out the Space Technology Hall of Fame awards. The 33rd Space Symposium is a must-attend event for 2018. The event features a forum for thought-leaders under 35 to share their ideas and advance their careers.


15th Reinventing Space Conference

Oct. 2426 in Glasgow, Scotland

Ticket price:

299EUR for early bird registration (through Feb. 28)


Ellen Stofan (Chief Scientist, NASA) and Richard Crowther (Chief Engineer, UK Space Agency) are just two of the attendants that made an appearance at this event in 2016. Tickets are 40% off until the end of February, and the speakers will be announced alongside the agenda as soon as the call for submissions is over. Topics that will be covered include satellite refueling, space tugs, manufacturing in orbit, and space mining.


Military Space Situational Awareness

Apr. 2627 in London, UK

Ticket price:

Ranges from 799EUR for military + government members who register before the end of February to 1499EUR


Military Space Situational Awareness is an event focused on the cyber defense and resilience of space-based operational systems and products. MilSpace is helping to refine and bring new defensive capabilities to the armed service members around the world who work to protect satellites and other assets that rest above our headswhether from debris or attack.



Space Tech Expo USA

May 2325 in Pasadena, CA

Ticket price:

Ranges from free to $895


The Space Tech Expo is a B2B trade-show event, they do not admit the general public, but if you are in the aerospace sector, government, or related academics, then it is a major event to attend in 2017 and beyond. Topics covered include advanced materials, machining and manufacturing, and space technologies.




38th Annual IEEE Aerospace Conference

Mar. 411 in Big Sky, MT

Ticket price:

Ranges from $120 for a guest one-day pass to $1,440 for non-member admittance


The Annual IEEE Aerospace Conference is organized to help expand our understanding of aerospace technologies and help us learn to better implement them. IEEE has been hosting this conference for more than 35 years to promote interdisciplinary idea sharing in engineering and research. Speakers from both academia and government positions will be presenting their peer-reviewed papers for the attendants of the conference. Topics covered include robotics, mission systems, and beyond ka-band communication methods.



NewSpace Conference 2017: Convergence

Jun. 2729 in San Francisco, CA

Ticket price:

Ranges from $399 for a single day pass to $1,099 for all-access registration if bought before Mar.31st.


This year’s NewSpace conference is focusing on establishing a sustainable space economy and addressing other challenges in order to open up the space frontier for human settlement. Other key benefits are actionable information and advice for participants in the space technology sector and a large networking platform to support collaboration between professionals.



UK Space Conference 2017

May 30Jun. 1 in Manchester, UK

Ticket price:

Range from 60GBP to 120GBP for exhibition passes and 100GBP normal admittance  to 350GBP for all-access passes.

Discounts are given for students, retirees, charities, teachers, and small business owners


This conference will be focusing on how satellite-based and other new technology can shape our daily life and help us to begin expanding beyond earth’s surface. Topics covered include economic and social impact of technologies related to space. 


What are you most excited for in the space industry? Do you know of any other space conferences that belong on this list? Let us know in the comments below!