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Science Fiction Finds a New Frontier on the Blockchain

  • 2 April 2018
  • Cas Proffitt

Science fiction is coming to the blockchain via movie crowdfunding and series in which fans can interact via cryptocurrency.

Science fiction has long been the source of stories upon which humanity builds the future. In fact, such technological inventions as radar, virtual reality, earbud headphones, and even the iPad were first described within the pages of fiction well before they became realities. Some say even cryptocurrency itself was first predicted by Neal Stephenson.

Now, science fiction and blockchain meet in the modern day to appease fans with genre-bending films and interactive series which utilize cryptocurrency from fans.

Back to Earth

Renowned science fiction series Black Mirror meets beloved television show The Walking Dead, all stirred together with blockchain and cryptocurrency technology and a healthy dose of creativity, in Clay Space’s new undertaking titled Back to Earth. And it’s not just the characters who are using crypto—fans engage with the series via cryptocurrency as well.

Back to Earth is a near-future, multi-platform sci-fi experience in the forms of a live-action series, interactive experience, and graphic novel in which characters cross storylines to create deep, rich experiences.

What makes Back to Earth so enticing for tech-types is the addition of cryptocurrency which fans use to influence the world. The story world has its own economy based on StarCredits, which both in-world characters and fans can utilize. Although not required to enjoy the series, StarCredits enhance the interactive nature of the story and will also be able to be traded on exchanges. The creator, Clay Space, believes that this merging of technologies “will revolutionize entertainment.

You can check out the whitepaper for Back to Earth here.

New Frontiers

Another science fiction blockchain project coming to the blockchain is New Frontiers, a five-part film anthology. Coming 2018, this film set is not only funded by cryptocurrency, but is also distributed via blockchain via SingularDTV, a pioneer in decentralized entertainment.

Self-described as the “Anti-Star Wars” because it’s based on technology that can actually occur, offering it grounding over traditional space operas and futuristic, if unfounded, drama. The films will be a collaborative project among multiple directors.

As for the company, the purpose of SingularDTV is to “empower artists from development to distribution.”

Do you know of any other upcoming science fiction projects that are utilizing blockchain technology? Let us know in the comments below!

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