Sana Health VR Sleep Headset Advances in Testing

  • 8 August 2017
  • Cas Proffitt

Sana Health was founded by Richard Hanbury in order to alleviate his chronic nerve pain induced insomnia. lack of sleep has been shown time and again to be very unhealthy for anyone. And according to Sana Health, individuals using sleeping pills are at a 5 times higher likelihood of death within 3 years.


Who does this headset benefit?

Sana Health created their “Smart Goggles” to help insomniacs and other individuals who have trouble or limited sleeping durations so they can make the most of their resting periods.This technology was highlighted by Bertrand Piccard’s Solar Impulse flight around the world. The headset is likely to be of great benefit to insomniacs and workers who rely on short bursts of sleep to retain their productivity.


How does it work?

Sana Health designed their Smart Goggles to induce sleep by projecting audiovisual signals that trigger sleep in the human brain. In order to tailor these projections, Sana has resorted to using heart rate monitoring in the headset to vary the patterns and put users to sleep in 8-10 minutes on average.


Why is it needed?

This headset is needed to alleviate the sleeplessness of many insomniacs who have immense difficulty or seek medical help to find sleep during the night. Some of the most severe cases of insomnia are derived from chronic pain and PTSD, according to Sana. Their target market consists of nearly 200-million americans and a 60-billion dollar gap in the market.


How will it impact productivity?

Smart Goggles will likely boost productivity of insomnia and sleep limited individuals by allowing them to reach sleep more quickly as well as sleeping more deeply when they drift off. Sana Health Smart Goggles have been tested on military personnel and world travellers and drivers under highly stressful circumstances. The effects include increased fine motor control and driver performance in F1 drivers and improved marksmanship among military users.



Sana Health is navigating throughout clinical trials to bring a headset to market for chronic nerve pain and PTSD related insomnia as well as general insomnia. Over the last 24 years, Sana has tested their headset and found that in over 700 trials, participants fell asleep in 8-10 minutes on average. Their Smart Goggles make use of variable light and sound patterns that are regulated based on wearer heart rate.



These headsets are targeted at alleviating insomnia from individuals who not only suffer from insomnia as a result of chronic pain and PTSD. but also everyday insomnia sufferers. The headset has been tested on flights around the world, military personnel, and many other individuals.


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