Top 10 Robotics Companies Disrupting the Construction Industry

  • 2 June 2017
  • Cas Proffitt

Robotics is advancing the construction industry quickly–even beyond the bounds of earth. Because robots are more durable and accurate than humans, they can complete projects with an efficiency and safety factor that far exceeds the capacity of human labor alone.


From bricklaying to building the components for entire houses in a matter of hours, robotics is changing the industry of construction in a way that we only expect to see speed up in conjunction with other disruptive technologies such as 3D printing.


Check out the top ten robotics companies in the construction industry to keep an eye on this year.



Construction Robotics

Construction Robotics has developed a bricklaying robot to accelerate the construction process. The SAM100 unit was designed to take over the physically-intensive, but highly necessary, job of laying bricks. SAM100 collaborates with the masons on-site and takes some of the heavy lifting out of their job description.


Multiple SAM100 units can be deployed across project sites to increase the efficiency of the project while reducing man-hours and risk of injury.





Robotic Roads

Robotic Roads is a Worthwhile PLC subsidiary company that is working to automate the process of maintaining and structuring new roadways. Robotic Roads can perform tasks such as levelling, bitumenation, gravelling, and even polishing roads according to preexisting specifications.


Robotics Roads is working to make more effective use of resources and reduce the amount of time it takes to prepare and repair roadways.





Jet Propulsion Laboratory

JPL is federally funded and works to construct robotic, planetary spacecraft for NASA missions such as the Cassini-Huygens mission to Saturn. JPL owns national landmarks in the form of their space-simulator and flight operations facility. JPL is opening up opportunities for the construction industry to expand beyond the limits of earth and move machinery into space.


JPL has completed several missions in cooperation with NASA and even sponsors teams that participate in the FIRST competition, an international gathering of up-and-coming high school aged STEM students to compete in robotics.





United Space Structures

United Space Structures are working to create a highly versatile, modular, and durable form of space station that can engage in research, seek out and mine for resources, and remain resilient against spatial debris.


USS is planning to incorporate heating and cooling functions, artificial gravity, wastewater systems, and many other features into their project. USS is opening up space for construction and extraterrestrial expansion opportunities.






Asmbld is automating the construction and alteration of buildings. According to a post by TechCrunch, more than half of buildings are demolished for reasons beyond their physical condition. Asmbld is helping to resolve this issue by making buildings modular and adjustable with the use of robotics technology.


Asmbld is effectively extending the lifespan of commercial and non-commercial buildings alike by enabling them to adapt to their occupants and their desires.






Identified Technologies

Identified Technologies is working to enhance the construction process by altering the way information about project sites is collected. Identified Technologies allows uses to gather information from drones up to 200 times more quickly without sacrificing accuracy.


Identified Technologies retains accuracy to less than a centimeter while greatly expediting the data collection process. Identified Technologies will also take care of FAA related onboarding or registration procedures on behalf of their customers.






Blueprint Robotics

Blueprint Robotics uses high-precision robotics and skilled tradesmen in combination to produce pre-fabricated housing panels. Panels produced by Blueprint Robotics include roughed-in electrical, insulation, studding, and optional plumbing rough-in. Blueprint Robotics can produce a house worth of functional, insulated, and ready to install panels in minutes to hours.


Blueprint Robotics works with electricians and plumbers to ensure that the electrical and plumbing rough-in is accurate and done to standard. Blueprint Robotics allows homes to be fabricated and assembled in just days. They offer everything from walls to ceilings and roofing panels.







CBOT is providing the market with custom-made robotics to increase the efficiency of construction processes. CBOT has developed an automated tiling robot that lays tile behind the bedlayer, who lays and ensures that the cement is smooth and ready for tile to be applied.


CBOT robots work in conjunction with several skilled tradesmen to complete their tasks. An operator and bedlayer are required to place and anchor the tile, while another worker is required to mix and transport the cement. CBOT is helping to reduce the workload and injury risk associated with construction work.



MABI Robotics

MABI Robotics develops robots for use in cases such as processing or refining of materials, casting, component turning, and many more. MABI Robotics products show strong promise in increasing the efficiency of the construction industry by making machined parts more readily available.


MABI Robotics can also install their robots at customer facilities.





Branch Technology

Branch Technology is focused on increasing the material efficiency of construction processes by creating a rigid framework through the use of 3D printing and robotics. Branch Technologies integrate their rigid framework with more traditional, cost-effective materials to create the strongest structure possible.


Rather than simply 3D printing the entire structure, Branch Technology generates an internal frame for use with more traditional, affordable construction materials like concrete.



Do you know of any other robotics companies in the construction industry that deserve a spot on this list? Let us know in the comments below!

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