Ripe for Disruption: Education

  • 3 August 2016
  • Disruptor Daily

Estimated Industry Size Today:

$1.33 trillion

Estimated Industry size in the Future:  

$2 trillion

Why it’s ripe for disruption:

It is glaringly obvious that the education system of today has become obsolete. Adhering to antiquated educational practices has left many children with a subpar education and in an uphill battle to keep up with the speed at which the rest of the world is moving. As it stands today, children advancing through the public school system are shuffled from grade to grade based on standardized testing performance and on a strict yearly cycle. There is no accounting for students who excel and should be moved up more quickly, therefore, many children are left in a kind of holding stage, relearning concepts they’ve mastered. Teaching methods also do not accommodate different learning styles. While some students learn well via conceptual methods, others thrive in environments which provide them firsthand experience. The lack of variety is a hindrance.

The fault does not lie entirely with teachers. Practices imposed on schools by state, local and federal mandates tie teacher’s hands behind their backs. If not observed, students may not be perfectly groomed to pass the standardized testing necessary for them to advance. Without continued professional development and innovating the ways in which students are taught, the issues with education will continue to be a detriment to our society.


Top Trends to Watch:

  • Student-centered environments will provide students a choice in how they learn and open doors to further develop their creativity and entrepreneurial skills.
  • Benchmarking methods, rather than traditional exiting exam practices, will begin to take hold as students will be monitored throughout their educational career to ensure those who require additional assistance receive it and those who are excelling may progress at their own pace.
  • Mobile learning will continue to rise making anywhere anytime learning available to both young and seasoned students.
  • Neuroscience takes a primary role in creating new learning models taking into consideration proven methods for how students learn best.

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