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Precision Farming: 10 Companies to Watch in 2018

  • 14 February 2018
  • Amanda Shiffler

Farming has evolved considerably from the days of oxen pulling plows across the fields, turning the soil over in furrows. Fields today are worked using some of the most technologically advanced equipment available, towering in size over the tractors of days past.

But there’s also more at stake now than ever. As the population continues to grow at an exponential rate, producers are scrambling to find ways to generate more food without a correlating increase in arable land. One way they’ve been able to match the demand is with the use of precision farming – using data to enhance agricultural production. Precision farming encompasses technology such as GPS guided tractors, variable rate applications for fertilizers, smart irrigation, yield monitoring, and aerial data mapping. Farming is poised to be at the leading edge of new technology with the help of these 10 companies.

Farmers Edge

A global leader in precision agriculture and data management solutions, Farmer’s Edge continues to lead the technological growth in precision farming.

Farmer’s Edge focuses on a whole farm system instead of just one or two components. For sale, they offer weather stations and telematics devices to install in all of the equipment in an operation.

Crop Health Maps – Farmers Edge

This hardware, coupled with satellite imagery, bring data together into their all-in-one platform. Powerful management tools allow the user to customize the software based on their needs, leaving them to wonder if there is anything Farmer’s Edge software can’t do.


Geared toward agronomic service providers, Mavrx offers software technologies to expand service opportunities.

A nationwide network of fixed-wing and piloted aircraft provide ultra-high resolution imagery that allows users to prioritize their time, determining where to focus their attention when.

Management Zone Creation tool – Mavrx

This is a bold move for a precision farming company. Most companies rely on satellite imagery for their software analysis, but Mavrx understands the challenges that arise with cloud cover and low-resolution images, instead focusing on higher resolution data delivered from an aircraft.


Spensa Technologies

Spensa is Latin for storehouse, and their technology serves that purpose well.

The company’s goal is to aid in scouting and management systems to protect farm crops from the threat of insects, weeds, and diseases, allowing farmers to fill their storehouses with higher yields.


In early 2017 they announced a new insect phenology model that more accurately predicts insect patterns in real time using an insect camera trap which counts insects quickly and posts findings and photos to both mobile and web platforms.

Blue River Technology

With a handful of awards in 2017, including being named one of the world’s most innovative robotics companies by Fast Company, Blue River Technology is redefining agriculture through their use of robotics. See & Spray is being put to use in cotton fields across the US; instantly recognizing plants that don’t belong in field rows as it passes by.

Drone-based phenotyping – Blue River Technology

Robotic nozzles target unwanted plants and apply herbicides accurately and precisely to weeds while avoiding crops and weed-less areas. These smart machines give farmers an innovative way to control weeds and prevent herbicide-resistant varieties while reducing herbicide application by 90%.

GeoVisual Analytics

Intelligence across the farm – an idea brought to the table by GeoVisual Analytics.

Based out of Boulder, Colorado and backed with venture capital, the company has developed an artificial intelligence-based computer vision technology that it is turning into profitable intelligence for fresh fruit and vegetable producers.

GeoVisual Analytics

Their software uses aerial and satellite imagery as well as crop health monitoring and analytics to predict optimal harvest times and maximum profits.

GeoVisual Analytics

Prospera Technologies

Named as one of the Top 50 Ag Companies in 2017 for cloud services and SaaS, Prospera Technologies has developed some of the most advanced artificial intelligence technologies used in agriculture.

Field images are analyzed with convolutional neural networks to assess pests and diseases, monitor agro-technical details, and collect yield data.

Prospera Technologies

Their data science encompasses every aspect of large-scale, high-value crop production. The Tel-Aviv based company raised a $15 million in Series B funding in 2017 to expand the scope of its technology, with funding led by Qualcomm Ventures.

Data-powered agronomy – Prospera Technologies


The Nebraska-based company produces software that helps farmers use water more efficiently and increase crop yields.

The software specializes in variable rate irrigation for center pivots and has drawn attention to itself with a feature on The Discovery Channel.

Founded by growers, CropMetrics is a leader in precision irrigation management and the first to develop a commercially available, full-service variable rate irrigation software program. Growers are assured that local support is available through a network of Precision Data Specialists who serve as support for the company’s precision solutions.


This Minnesota-based tech company has created a unique solution that improves agricultural profitability by integrating lean farming and evidence-based sales.

Lean farming is the elimination of waste by effectively managing excessive costs and yield-limiting issues. Evidence-based sales prove the financial and agronomic values of products, practices, and services.

This cloud-based software also utilizes analytics to create a season-long view of farming operations, helping to bring farms closer to their full potential.

SST Software

One of the pioneers in the precision agriculture industry, Site-Specific Technologies has a unique approach that has helped lead to its success.

They view what happens in the field as a spatial problem with an agronomic application.

SST Viewer – SST Software

SST has served the farming industry for over 20 years and continues to develop enterprise-level software which helps industry leaders provide top quality Precision Ag services.

360 Yield Center

A revolutionary on-demand nitrate testing system has brought 360 Yield Center into the spotlight.

Their technology has been compared to what Keurig has done with its single cup coffee makers, scaling down a larger technology to make it easier and more intuitive for the end user.

360 Equi-Flow – 360 Yield Saver

A portable soil testing system allows users to measure nitrate nitrogen availability and soil pH in about 5 minutes with results as accurate as professional soil testing laboratories. Growers can then easily build a customized application plan by inputting their yield goal, crop growth stage, and soil organic matter content.

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