Pokemon Go meets cryptocurrency with Crypto Hunt which has the potential to bridge the gap in public knowledge about digital currencies.

Blockchain and gaming go hand in hand, especially in 2018. Some crypto games we’ve seen so far include the hugely-popular CryptoKitties–which lets players breed digital cats via smart contracts with some kitties being worth over $100k–medieval-themed EtherWarfare, Crypto Celebrities, and Spells of Genesis.

If you remember when Pokemon Go Grew so big that even police departments were making announcements about it, then you understand how fast augmented reality apps can drag people out of their homes and onto the streets and parks. In June of 2017, there were 65 million monthly active users on the game, and, by December, the app had been downloaded 752 million times, generating $1.2 billion in revenue.

Similarly, if you’re a member of the crypto community, you’ve likely encountered, at least once, a bumfuzzled look paired with a “You’re over my head right now,” or a, “Bitcoin? That’s hacker money, right?”

Smash Pokemon Go with cryptocurrency and you’ve got Crypto Hunt–a promising game whose ICO launches this March which blends the fun, collection-oriented tactics of a real-world augmented reality game with crypto.

The implications of this mashup could be great for cryptocurrency, because, if the general public finds even a fraction of the interest in this game as they did Pokemon Go, then a fun, gamified way to teach the public about cryptocurrency is in the bag.

As much fun as it is to have a whole arsenal of competitive Pokemon, Crypto Hunt is set to offer players tokens for their efforts–tokens which they hope to list on major exchanges alongside the game’s final release in June of 2018.

This form of compensation is likely to get even more people to hit the streets to search for chests or fight bosses, but also to learn the basics of crypto, how to use an exchange, and why it all matters.

Crypto Hunt’s Telegram chat is a happening place right now, leading up to their token sale, and I can say from experience that their admins are quick to respond to community inquiries such as if functionality will be added for any given area. As Forbes mentions, however, the list of currently-supported locations is long, covering “America to Croatia to Lithuania.

Users can already download the demo game on Android, and a release to the Apple store is coming soon.

How do you feel about an augmented reality cryptocurrency game? Would you go outside to play Crypto Hunt? Let us know in the comments below!

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