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PebblePost Raises $47 Million for Direct Mail Marketing

  • 13 August 2017
  • FoM Staff

PebblePost has announced raising $47 million in funding, as a combination of debt and equity. The sum takes advantage of a term loan facility with Horizon Technology Finance, secured credit facility with Silicon Valley Bank, and $28 million in equity from investors and equity angels.

“Our latest round of funding is a testament to both brand and consumers' overwhelming embrace of the new, respectful form of advertising made possible by our Programmatic Direct Mail® platform,” said Lewis Gersh, CEO. “Several hundred marketers who are benefitting from it will appreciate how this will fuel our product and the channel's further evolution.”

Now PebblePost has raised $28 million in equity and $27 million in debt, which CFO Marita Scarfi says, “really puts us in a market leadership position. I feel that it gives us a strong leg up to really blow out the space and stay in that lead position,”

PebblePost Information

PebblePost provides a technology solution called “programmatic direct mail.” It is somewhat similar to email and ads that push consumers to make a purchase after visiting a retailer’s website. PebblePost instead uses printed, personalized catalogs and postcards that come in the mail to do the same thing. The CEO mentions that this mix of old and new approaches allows marketers the ability to reach more consumers who might not otherwise see the company message.

“PebblePost connects digital advertising, direct mail and data services, which represent $83 billion, $50 billion, and $78.8 billion spent respectively,” said Jim Robinson, Managing Partner at RRE Ventures in a statement. “It's a $200 billion market opportunity that they were the first to capitalize on.”


Horizon Technology Finance is a closed-end, non-diversified management investment company. They lend to and invest in development-stage companies in technology.

Silicon Valley Bank is an investment bank that works with businesses in premium wine, technology, private equity, cleantech, and venture capital sectors.

“Horizon and SVB provided us with a compelling combined structure that allows us to accelerate development of our Programmatic Direct Mail® platform to meet the demands of our current brands,” said Marita Scarfi, CFO of PebblePost. “This debt financing greatly enhances our balance sheet to further enable us to lead the market we created.”

RRE Ventures is a venture capital firm based in New York which offers to fund to communications, internet, and software companies. They have recently invested in other companies including Bread, Booster Fuels, Latch, and Redox.

Greycroft Partners is a venture capital fund that focuses on investments in the Internet and mobile markets. They have offices in Los Angeles and New York and leverage a large network of media and tech connections to help entrepreneurs.

Tribeca Venture is a venture capital advisory and investment fund that focuses on Internet and media investments in non-profit and for-profit markets.

Funding Usage

PebblePost will use the funds to enhance their customer operations department. They will also expand their product and look to enter into new markets. In addition, they will be looking to employ more talent. The funds will provide flexibility to working capital as the startup expands to brands across many vertical markets.


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