Osso VR, out of California, has secured $2 million in funding in a round led by SignalFire and participated in by Anorak Ventures. The company offers a way for surgeons to get more experience on complicated procedures, which makes them better surgeons over the long run.


The money that is raised by Osso VR is going to be used to scale the production of the software in order to meet industry demands for this type of hands-on, virtual training.

“Osso VR is unique, with a founding team that combines the deep domain expertise of leading medical practitioners and device industry veterans with the technical savvy of AAA developers,” said Wayne Hu from SignalFire. “We were extremely impressed by the industry feedback on their market ready solution that is the most effective and safest training method for healthcare providers and device company representatives. We couldn’t be more excited to help the team continue to unlock greater access to cutting-edge, life-changing technologies for patients.”

About Osso VR

Osso VR is a leading company in the virtual reality surgical training technology realm. Gaps in medical training often lead to increased rates of complication for patients, especially as newer and more complex procedures continue to be implemented. The training program from Osso is for use by surgeons, sales teams, and trainees to put an end to this deficiency in how individuals are taught to use complete medical devices.

This technology offers an immersive training environment that provides haptic-enhanced, realistic technology that works on various devices, including the Oculus Rift and Tourh, as well as the HTC Vive.

The team at Osso includes a group of clinicians, VR developers, and medical device industry veterans. Justin Barad, co-founder and CEO of Osso, is a Harvard and UCLA trained orthopedic surgeon, while CTO Matt Newport has 15 years of experience in professional game development. The chair of the scientific advisory board is Dr. Thomas Krummel, who is chair emeritus of Stanford University School of Medicine and co-director of Stanford Biodesign.

The Vision

“Osso VR’s vision is to improve patient safety and outcomes by addressing the critical training issues facing the modern surgeon,” says Dr. Barad. “Today, busy healthcare providers’ time is dominated by electronic medical record systems and other obstacles, leaving them little room to take care of patients or even to see their families. Travelling to a remote training course to learn about new medical technology is becoming less feasible and less effective. Osso VR brings these courses to the provider, giving them an on-demand, hands-on way to train with new medical technology allowing them to bring the safest and most effective procedures to their patients.”

The on-demand availability of educational experience has been shown to be effective, repeatable, and measurable. Trainees can receive feedback on how they did, along with customized feedback on how to get better at a particular surgery or skill.

While virtual reality can never take the place of actual surgery experience, Osso VR provides a way to become more confident and experienced before being placed in a place where the stakes are much higher. It seems they are on a good start toward improving the hordes of learning surgeons as they move into proficiency.