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New Video Game UnicornGo Merges Blockchain and Augmented Reality

  • 3 April 2018
  • Cas Proffitt

UnicornGo is a recent addition to the lineup of blockchain-based video games and it sports the augmented reality aspect of Pokemon Go and CryptoHunt alongside the genetic crossing component of hugely-popular CryptoKitties.

Blockchain and gaming are more frequently uttered in the same breath now more than ever. Online cryptocurrency casinos became hugely popular, allowing users to bet and win in currencies such as bitcoin and ethereum. Blockchain trading card games began to gain steam.

CryptoKitties, a game in which players collect and breed digital kitties, exploded in popularity. In fact, the game’s playerbase gained so much intensity that certain rare kitties were going for over $100,000.

Crypto Hunt is another game with a cryptocurrency element that functions in augmented reality very similarly to Pokemon Go. Considering Pokemon Go generated more than a billion dollars in revenue, the crossover appears to have great potential.

Enter UnicornGo, the newest blockchain game on the block that seems to take the most popular elements from some of the most popular games of recent times and then some.

UnicornGo allows players to breed unicorns based on a genetic system which was developed with the assistance of medical professionals and functions similarly to the chromosomes in our own genes.

UnicornGo also intends to implement an augmented reality component with GPS, similar to the functionality of Pokemon Go wherein players could catch Pokemon within their own, real environment.

Perhaps most intriguing of all is the step that UnicornGo is taking beyond their predecessors—neural interface technology. UnicornGo recently announced collaboration with Tesla and NeuroBasis in order to allow future players to control their unicorns with the power of their minds alone.

Version 1.0 is already live and can be found and UnicornGo’s official website.

Have you played any blockchain or crypto games? Will you play UnicornGo? Why or why not? Let us know in the comments below!

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