MissionOG: When Operators Become Venture Capitalists

  • 22 November 2017
  • Disruptor Daily

This post is part of our Venture Chatter series where we interview venture capitalists to understand what they are investing in, what trends they are seeing, and what the future of the venture capital industry looks like.

The following is an interview we recently had with MissionOG Managing Partner George Krautzel.

What's the history of MissionOG? When and how did you start? 

We started MissionOG in 2012, as we saw an opportunity to utilize our background as operators and investors to provide more than just financial capital when investing in early and growth stage companies.  Our founders and managing partners have previously started, grew, and successfully exited high growth businesses.  We have been fortunate enough to surround ourselves with a team of advisors and venture partners that share that operator DNA.

How many investments have you made so far?

We have invested in 19 companies. Some of our companies include:

What are the top verticals you are focused on?

We focus on B2B companies with a technology component.  We are theme-based investors that take minority positions in business models we understand.  The specific segments are financial services, payments, SaaS, and data platforms.

What are the top technologies that you are excited about?

Instead of getting caught up in buzzwords and jargon, we invest in companies that have been able to prove their value with customers where we see opportunity for significant expansion.  Within each of our segments, we have investment themes that have been informed by past experience, existing buyers, and leaders in field.  We prefer business models that are technology-driven, have recurring revenue streams, and produce high margins at scale.

How is the venture capital industry evolving?

Because of the significant amount of capital available in the market, we believe that the preferred partners need to offer their portfolio companies more than financial capital.  Venture capital is evolving to be a platform business where a firm through their existing process and network can offer their companies means to accelerate commercialization, greater access to talent, competent governance, and experienced-based advice to scale their business.

What's the future of venture capital?

We see venture capital evolving to better serve the companies they invest in.  By evolving their model to be a network-driven platform, venture firms can provide a more efficient means of capital deployment, become an accelerant post-investment, and ultimately partner with their portfolio companies to drive greater economic growth.

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