Microsoft Launches Simplygon Cloud 3D Object Optimization for Mixed Reality Development

  • 7 December 2017
  • Jermaine Wright

Microsoft has launched Simplygon Cloud, which the company hopes will help game developers integrate the optimization tool into their workflows to make content more friendly to resource-intensive Mixed Reality (Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality) platforms.

The tool makes 3D objects easier to render when compute resources are in high demand by reducing polygon complexity.

Typically 3D asset optimization is one of the tasks that artists and developers dislike the most because it has always taken days or weeks of manual effort. With Simplygon, artists and developers can save valuable time and money as it creates 3D assets once at full visual fidelity and within minutes automatically optimize them to render smoothly on any platform.

By making it easier to reduce complexity than increase it, makes the tool a better option compared to competitors. By allowing Simplygon Cloud to minimize the high-detail 3D objects for the appropriate platform that game developers will build, developers won’t have to rebuild objects as computing capabilities increase over time.

Just last week Google announced their Poly API, which makes it easier for game developers to import 3D assets into their projects. The global technology giant is looking to make objects more friendly to the GPU restrictions of their Daydream VR platform, so they have been focusing on stylized low-poly objects for the most part.

Simplygon Cloud is playing a similar role for Microsoft. This fall the multinational software giants launched its Mixed Reality platform with a number of VR headset makers. Resource constraints are now more of a concern to Windows game developers in VR (and AR with HoloLens).

Now with the option of sending to the cloud, assets can now be better delivered across differently specced platforms.

Developed by Swedish company Donya Labs, Simplygon is a 3D computer graphics software for automatic 3D optimization.

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