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MessageGears Gains $2.5 Million in Funding

  • 13 August 2017
  • FoM Staff

Internet and IoT startup MessageGears has announced the completion of a $2.8 million Series B. Investors included Hallett Capital and Covalent Interests.

About MessageGears

MessageGears was founded six years ago with the goal of providing a hybrid email marketing platform that would be different from competitors, such as StrongView, ExactTarget, and Responsys. The startup caters to organizations in big data, as well as data knowledgeable marketers who want to leverage customer data but don’t want to bring the data into the cloud or pull the email servers in-house.

MessageGears started with the development of a cloud-based delivery system. It was able to do bulk jobs, as well as transaction-based messaging.

Years later, MessageGears added a marketing application. This runs on an application on premises of a company and has a small footprint, running on a single service. What it does is connect to the customer database directly and access the cloud-based delivery tier courtesy of a secure AI. In this way, it looks to a user like any other email marketing solution but is quite different.

MessageGears works nearly exclusively with large business-to-consumer companies, including Orbitz, Worldwide, Expedia, Chick-fil-A, Runkeeper, and AmTrust. Their platform delivers billions of messages a month on the behalf of these and other companies.

“The traditional marketing cloud solutions are very popular and work really well for small and medium-sized businesses, but when you reach the enterprise level as a B2C marketer your email marketing becomes significantly more challenging,” said Roger Barnette, CEO of MessageGears. “MessageGears is solely focused on serving the unique needs of enterprise marketers who want live access to all of their customer data at all times so they can engage with customers in real-time throughout each step of the customer journey.”

MessageGears is investing in expansion as enterprise marketers look for integrated solutions that personalize communications across many channels (web, social, text, mobile, and email). However, marketers are equally concerned with things like data centralization and data security, which are weak points for typical SaaS email marketing companies.


Covalent Interests is an Atlanta-based venture investment firm that specializes in providing growth capital for companies in initial funding stages. They prefer to invest in companies based in Atlanta and often invest between $250 thousand to $5 million in equity for a period of eight years.

Hallett Capital is a U.S.-based venture capital firm that specializes in seed and early-stage technology investments. Hallett has previously invested in companies including Haste, Sequr, and uCIC.

“MessageGears has grown by leaps and bounds in a very short time, underscoring the uniqueness of its product, significant market demand, and the focus and commitment of MessageGears’ senior management team,” says Hallett. “I’m excited to join the Board of Directors, and to support a company that is improving the way marketers engage their customers.”

Funding Usage

The company plans to hire 100 new employees with the funding. They will also be using the funding to accelerate sales, marketing, and product development.


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