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What Trends Are Shaping Media In 2019? 10 Experts Share Their Insights

  • 30 June 2019
  • Sam Mire

What trends have you noticed in the way you consume media? How about the way that media is being presented to you? These are the sort of things that industry experts must pay attention to, and then some.

These industry insiders have not only observed trends, but they've also dug deeper and analyzed what significant trends mean for the future of media. Here's what they have to say:

1. Jennifer Farmer, founder of Spotlight PR

“Developing and distributing media content is less formal and less rigid than it was a decade or even a couple years ago. When celebs and musicians want to release a statement, many of them type up the statements on the notes apps of their phones and post directly to Twitter/IG vs. sending a press release to cluttered inboxes that the reporter may or may not see. Another trend is reporters, editors and producers sharing their story angles and needs with their followers on social media and generating leads directly from social media platforms.”

2. Jeremy Ong, Owner of HUSTLR 

“In 2019, a media trend gaining a ton of traction is audio content. Moreand more companies are investing onto podcasts rather than putting their ad spend behind FM radio. As connectivity improves, my humble opinion is that podcasts will overtake FM radio at lightning speed once this catches on with the public.”

3. Matt Erickson, Marketing Director at National Positions 

“Choice and risk. We are in a world of endless choices when it comes to media. To capture attention there will continue to be more experimentation and risk both from the brand side and the personal side. Individuals will start to realize more and more than they,too, have the choice and opportunity to shape the type of media they consume.”

4. Paula Conway, President and founder of Astonish Media Group

“The types of media we see trending up include live videos, such as Instagram Live and Facebook Live. More products are being sold through this instant-access medium and retailers have learned that marketing their products to influencers with either large or nice followings is key to sales and branding. The live video is the delivery system for the surge in influencer marketing, and influencer marketing will only get bigger. This growth also applies to ephemeral content – content that lives for a limited time and disappears, such as Snapchat and Instagram Stories.”

5. Oz Etzioni, CEO of Clinch

“For years, data was gathered and used for targeting and media buying only, but until recently, the use of data has been revolutionized. The more things we use data for, the more complicated aspects of measurement and effectiveness need to be considered. These aspects include creative versions, multiple different KPIs, platforms, formats, environments, user behavior and mode/state, brand equity, and location, among others. All these aspects have to be unified and optimized under a deliverable ad experience. The use of data has any dynamic elements take part in real time in order to achieve successful engagement per impression served.”

6. Chris Stasiuk, founder and Creative Director at Signature Video Group

“Live video continues to be a major trend in 2019 and it's only growing more prevalent. Almost every major social platform now has live-streaming capabilities, which is an incredible way for customers to learn about your brand in real-time.”


7. Adeel Shabir, Content Marketing Executive at GigWorker 

“Audio is the new trend, as there are multiple channels that you can utilize for your audio listening. Podcasts are increasing because it is interesting and it benefits the listener while they are working. The consumption of audio is much easier than reading the content of the same audio. A 10-minute audio podcast is easy then to read a 2500 word blog post.”

8. Phil Nottingham, Marketing Director for Wistia

“Everyone is a now a media producer. Technology has reduced the barrier to entry for long-form video production to the point that anyone can create a TV show in their bedroom – all they need is a killer creative idea and a bit of personality. As a consequence, the media landscape is being lead by individuals, rather than publications.”

9. Caio Bersot, Content and PR Specialist at EnergyRates

“The way people watch TV seems to change every day bit by bit. Social media is going through some major shifts. Generation Z doesn't seem to engage that much with Facebook. At the same time, people are still trying to understand the impacts of social media and fake news on elections. These two conversations will keep the industry busy in the months, or years, ahead.”

10. Toufic Mobarak, CEO of Riffr

“Audio is regaining its rightful place in the social media landscape after being ignored for a long time. We're listening more and viewing static text less. We still fire off emojis or post pictures in the millions, but we combine these visuals with the blended approach of using an audio clip when necessary.”

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