MakeX 3D-Printing Backpack Takes Printing Mobile

  • 15 December 2017
  • Sam Mire

MakeX is a 3D-printer manufacturer that has become synonymous with Kickstarter-funded successes which reflect the wants of the marketplace. Their latest project is a portable version of their first FDM-based 3D printer, Migo, which allows the user to utilize apps and the internet for a more accessible experience. The portable Migo is also their most affordable to date, a reflection of the FDM-based printing tech that, while considered less advanced than SLA technology, remains more cost-friendly.

It’s the portability of MakeX’s latest model which qualifies as its most distinct feature. The Migo will be offered in two sizes, with the compact model weighing less than 2.3 pounds. The compact Migo will measure 10 x 12 x 10 cm., while the Migo L measures 15 x 15 x 15 cm. Its lightweight aluminum frame comes equipped with a handle, and users will be able to purchase a see-through backpack specially devised to encase the Migo’s design for $70.

The printer will be capable of printing ABS or PLA plastic, and with only one button the Migo lives up to its plug-and-print billing.

Migo is a portable printer and can be used at home, office, studio, etc. But we do not want it to be confined to indoor use, MakeX told 3DPrint.com. We only need to put Migo inside, power it on and to start walking while printing. The users can purchase the backpack after we finish its batch production.




While the Migo is portable and affordable, it also offers features which qualify it as versatile. For an additional $80, MakeX offers a laser-engraving printer head capable of engraving plastic, wood, leather, and even food should you desire your own action figure molded from sharp cheddar.

MakeX’s reliance upon crowdfunding appears to be a proven formula, as it allows the company to affirm their suspected market demand while simultaneously funding much their production cost. Prior to the release of the portable Migo, they experienced success with the M-One SLA 3D printer and the M-Jewelry 3D printer. If the Kickstarter campaign is any indication, the affordability, and ease-of-use that the Migo promises give it a shot for similar success.

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