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Maid Apps: 10 Startups To Know In 2017

  • 24 August 2017
  • Jodi Hillman

Maid Apps are making it easier to find someone to clean and run errands for busy customers. No longer do people have to worry about doing background checks themselves as the companies hire professional, quality checked employees. Maid apps give customers direct access and book services on-demand. The following are the 10 startup maid apps to know in 2017.

 1. Handy

Handy is available in 30 cities throughout the United and started up in 2012. It can be downloaded on Android and iOS. It takes about 60 seconds to book a service and the cleaning professionals are pre-screened. The company offers cleaning services that range from $50 to $270, depending on the type of service that is booked. Customers can talk to the professional through the app and leave detailed instructions.

2. MyClean

MyClean can be used in Chicago or New York City and was founded in 2009. They offer both residential and office cleaning services. Along with cleaning services, they also aim to operate a responsible business when it comes to their employees. They pay their cleaners to travel time, over time, offer disability insurance, workers compensation, health insurance, and 401K matching. Their services range from $63 to $209. There is no app but a mobile site that is simple to navigate.

3. TaskRabbit

TaskRabbit can do anything you need around your house, including cleaning. Basically, a “tasker” to work for a certain amount of time. Each tasker has had their background checked and the company is insured for each task up to $1 million. The cost to hire a worker can be anywhere from $25 and up  TaskRabbit has an app for Android & iOS along with customer service that is available 24/7.

4. Neatso

Neatso runs out of Raleigh and offers a personal connection that other apps do not offer. After downloading the app, the customer selects how much needs to be cleaned and then receives a quote for how much it will cost. The amount varies depends on the size of the home and services that are requested. Once the request is confirmed, Neatso sends over a cleaner who is available.  Cleaners receive $20 per hour and are paid within two days.  

5. Dectar

Dectar is a little different than the other apps on the list as it started out as a taxi service. It now offers cleaning services to offices and houses through their mobile app. The app allows the customer to track the maid with a personalized tracking code. This also works on the admin’s side as well. The transactions secure through Dectar and available 24/7.


6. App Jasmine

App Jasmine provides technology for those looking to launch their own cleaning or maid app. The original founders started off with a transportation business, but the app quickly grew into other areas such as groceries, massages, and cleaning, and maid services. It is available for Android and iOS phones and comes with 20+ optional add-ons. The app allows you to track where employees are located and allow customers to give feedback.

7. Hux

Hux is available in the Charlotte and Atlanta Metro areas. They offer a home cleaning service and are pet-friendly. Some of their services include ironing, making the bed, washing, and dusting. The company is insured and bonded, and employees complete a thorough background check before being able to clean. The interview process is pretty intensive as only 6% of applicants make it on board.

8. Whizz

Whizz promises 100% customer satisfaction and have a seven qualification process for their employees before they send them to clean a home. Some of the qualifications include ensuring the cleaner has Limited Liability Insurance, Workers Compensation Insurance, fluent in English, etc. They have a cashless payment system and an easy platform for booking.

9. ZenMaid

ZenMaid is a software that is based out of Silicon Valley. The co-founder started the software after running a maid service but found it did not meet his residential maid service needs. The software gives you reminders, provides clients with updates, and lets you manage employees. The company claims it saves the average entrepreneur five to 10 hours a week because of their streamlined software.

10. Mulberrys

Mulberrys has locations in Minnesota and California. It provides a laundry, dry cleaning, and house cleaning services to residents in certain cities such as Minneapolis, Palo Alto, and San Francisco. The company offers an app where the customer can specify the day and time the laundry should be picked up. Before the laundry comes back, it goes through a 10 point inspection process.

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