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M-ND’s Matter Displays Disrupting the Experiential Marketing Industry

  • 17 April 2017
  • Matthew Mazerolle

On April 07, M-ND, a New York-based experiential marketing technology company announced they’d reached $5.5 million in total funding following the close of their Series A financing round. The funding was provided by “a group of influential individual investors in the entertainment, sports, music and hospitality spaces,” stated M-ND CEO Jim Hopper.

Experiential marketing, a.k.a. engagement marketing or participation marketing is a marketing strategy that involves directly engaging consumers and encouraging them to take part in the shaping of your brand. Mountain Dew’s Dewmocracy campaign, where fans got to vote on the brand’s newest soft drink flavor was a great example of experiential marketing.

M-ND Logo

M-ND was founded by Mr. Hopper and his business partner Peter Wells in 2014. The company provides a network of interactive displays they call Matter displays that businesses can use to directly engage their target audience. Their goal is to help bridge the gap between social media marketing and event marketing.   

Mr. Hopper explained, “M-ND […] converts social media sharing into in-the-moment experiences and content for brands and their fans. While social media networks keep customer data away from brands, we help them transform their social media investments into owned customer data that fuels ongoing marketing initiatives.”

M-ND intends to use the funds from their Series A round to expand their media network with hopes of entering the market in the UK, UAE, and Malaysia within the next six months. Mr. Hopper remarked, “With our displays […] strategically positioned around the world, we’ll be able to offer brands access to millions of customers simultaneously.”

M-ND Matter Displays

He went on to say, “We’re additionally focused on building out private display networks for large sports stadiums, music venues and other highly-trafficked event spaces. This will offer brands their own internal media networks, which they can use to upsell and provide advertising opportunities to their corporate sponsors.”

When asked about what market M-ND will be targeting, Mr. Hopper had this to say, “We don’t fit into an existing box–we’re carving out our own market within the advertising and marketing space.  I usually describe us as “the center of a Venn diagram,” made up of Digital Display, Experiential, Social and Mobile.”

2016 was a huge year for the young startup and with a goal of placing one of their Matter displays in 2,500 locations worldwide by the end of the year, 2017 will be no different. For more information on M-ND read the full interview with CEO Jim Hopper at

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