Lyndra Inc. Preparing to Disrupt the MedTech Industry

  • 25 April 2017
  • Matthew Mazerolle

Lyndra Inc
, a Watertown, MA, based MedTech company announced on April 13 the closing of their Series A funding round with a total of $23 million raised. The company is developing an ultra-long lasting drug dispersion system that could revolutionize the way we take our medicine. The financing round was led by Polaris Partners and included investments from a large group of companies and individuals.

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Lyndra was founded in 2015 by Dr. Robert Langer, Dr. Gio Traverso, and company CEO Amy Schulman. The company claims that its drug delivery system can release medicine for up to 7 days and as Ms. Schulman points out, “We have never seen anyone able to do sustained, oral release longer than 12 to 24 hours.”

She went on to say, “That approximately50% of people do not adhere to their prescribed medications in the developed world leading to $100 billion dollars spent on avoidable hospitalizations in the US alone[…] We hope the Lyndra platform will improve how patients feel about taking their medication, and how caregivers administer pills. Making it easier for patients and caregivers, while improving efficacy, shifts the current paradigm of oral delivery and adherence. This financing and the incredible team we have assembled will enable us to enter into clinical trials in the near term and start making that aspiration a reality.”

The technology Lyndra uses can be traced back to the MIT labs of Dr. Langer who stated, “Lyndra’s ultra-long-acting platform, originally developed for mass drug administration campaigns in the developing world, is particularly powerful because of the breadth of indications and compounds that the company can target and bring to patients. The number of lives we could touch with this technology is nearly limitless. Since the company’s founding, 5 members of the [Langer] Lab have joined Lyndra due to their commitment to bring this technology to patients. This mix of passion and potential patient impact is truly something special“

Simply put, an oral delivery method for medicine that could last weeks at a time would rapidly improve healthcare across the globe. But how does it work?

Basically, the medicine is encapsulated in gelatin and when it enters the stomach it unfolds into a star-shaped device that won’t continue through your digestive system. Then, at a predetermined time the star breaks into pieces so it can safely pass through. The drug dispersion rate and the rate at which the star breaks apart are highly adjustable. There’s virtually no limit to the types of medicine that Lyndra could be used to administer.

For more on Lyndra and its revolutionary new drug dispersion system, check out this excellent article at Xconomy or visit Lyndra’s website.     

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