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Ledger Nano S Review: 10 Facts To Know In 2017

  • 7 September 2017
  • Marko Jovanovic

We are always searching for new ways to keep our money and valuables on safe. We find new banks, buy uniquely designed wallets, or create hidden places in our homes. But, that part may not be so simple when it comes to digital assets. They aren't tangible, thus putting them in a special place in your home is impossible. And you cannot go to the bank and deposit them. However, there is still one way to keep your cryptocurrencies with you, if that will give you the peace of mind. You can buy a wallet that is specially designed for this sort of thing – cryptocurrency wallet. But, not just any wallet, we are talking about one of the best models, called Ledger Nano S. In this article, you will find out why this wallet would be the right option for your digital assets, so stick with us.

What is Ledger Nano S?

Ledger Nano S is currently one of the best hardware wallets on the market. Compared to its predecessors, this one features a display, making it even safer.

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This is a hardware wallet that allows for storing Bitcoins, Altcoins and Ethereum. Thanks to a PIN code, well-built design, ease of use and its compatibility, this unit offers an impressive performance.

Why should you buy Ledger Nano S?

1. Security

Since here we are talking about a hardware wallet, it is already clear that this option is the safest one (compared to paper wallets and online wallets). This is due to the fact that your digital assets aren’t stored online. Instead, they are stored offline, far away from hackers.

Furthermore, Ledger Nano S protects your data and your funds by requiring a PIN code. So, confidential data like the private key will not be exposed.

What also adds up to its security are two buttons. If you want to confirm a payment, you just need to press the button and voila – transaction is verified.

2. Ease of use

With a secure OLED screen and two buttons, this unit is a breeze to use, even for newcomers. It is also easy to set up, making this unit one of the simplest on the market.

3. Backup and recovery

Well, this device does seem like well-protected, but What if you lose your wallet or someone steals it? The manufacturer thought about that too, so relax. Namely, your accounts are saved and backed up on a recovery sheet (you get to create 24 words code). So, in case either of the above happens, no one can access your funds and your private key.

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4. Multiple cryptocurrencies

Ledger Nano S can be used for storing your Bitcoins, Litecoin, Ethereum Classic and Ethereum. It includes all the mentioned apps plus other cryptocurrencies that are blockchain based.

5. Compatibility

Last but not least. This wallet can be connected to any computer. Thanks to that, you can make transactions and receive payments, as well as manage your accounts with ease. More importantly, you can perform all those actions from the same device. How handy is that?

Furthermore, Ledger Nano S supports the FIDO® Universal Second Factor standard, making the authentication process on Gmail, GitHub, Dropbox, and Dashlane a whole lot easier.


1. Is Ledger Nano S malware proof?

Yes, it is. The configuration is completed in the safe environment, making your cryptocurrencies safe and sound.

2. Is this unit well-built?

Yes, it is, thanks to its sturdy design. In particular, Ledger Nano S is made from brushed stainless steel and plastic, ensuring durability and reliability.

3. Can I connect Ledger Nano S to Windows 7?

Yes, you can. This device can be connected to any computer, including Linux, Chrome OS, Mac.

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4. What are the dimensions of Ledger Nano S?

The device weighs 16.2 g, and its dimensions are 98mm x 18mm x 9 mm.

5. Can I update my Ledger Nano S?

Yes, you can. In order to do that, you need to install the Ledger Manager app and run it. This application will update Nano S firmware and manage other apps on your device.

6. What should I do in case I forget my PIN code?

You have three attempts to enter your PIN code, and if all the three times you enter the wrong PIN, the device will bring itself to the factory condition. After that, you can use the 24 words code to recover your data.

7. Are you sure that my cryptocurrencies are safe on this device?

Yes, we are. First, Ledger Nano S is a decentralized wallet, and your private keys are kept on safe. In addition to that, there is a PIN code. Also, you need to double-confirm every transaction. And lastly, there is a backup.

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8. Can I use Nano S with other wallets?

Yes, you can. Nano S is compatible with Ledger Wallet Bitcoin, Ledger Wallet Ethereum, MyEtherWallet, GreenBits, GreenAddress, Electrum, Mycelium, and Copay.

9. Where can I buy Ledger Nano S?

Ledger Nano S is available on Amazon, and on its official website.

10. What does the package include?

The package includes Ledger Nano S, 1 micro USB cable, a key chain and a key ring, lanyard so that you can wear the device around your neck, and recovery sheet.

The Final Word

Well, that would be all we have to say about one of the best cryptocurrency hardware wallets. As you can see, this unit is highly secure and safe, thanks to its design, PIN code and backup. So, you don’t have to worry about losing your device or someone stealing it. With lots of apps and Ledger Manager, this device is simple and easy to use, so you don’t have to worry about that either. Moreover, the device is compatible with mobile phones and computers. Add to that its sleek and compact design, and you can tell that this device is indeed one of the best out there. You just can’t Go wrong with it.

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