It was only last year when Kodama’s shook up the 3D printer world by the introduction of the Trinus 3D printer. This product consists of a combination 3D printer and laser engraver that was built for home use. At the time, the printer was delivered to more than 3,000 backers in over 75 countries.

Second Kickstarter Campaign

As of June 26th, Kodama, Inc. started their second Kickstarter campaign with funding going toward a new printer called Obsidian. This 3D printer was intended to deliver $1,000 quality printing for a $99 price point. As soon as the campaign landed on Kickstarter, people funded it and funded it well.

Within a single three minutes, the funding goal of $100,00 was met. After three days, over $500,000 was raised. At the time of writing this, Kodama has raised over $750,000 from more than 3,000 backers.

More About Obsidian

The $99 entry-level set is made with an intention of making 3D printing accessible to everyone. This allows a broke college student a chance to own a printer, as well as a designer in a developing country. But Kodama didn’t stop there. The $99 version was only the beginning.

Sergii Iaremenko/123RF

Kodama also put on offer a medium deluxe kit with a going rate of $250. This printer has a ton of features and gives the big guys a true run for their money, especially since those big guys offer 3D printers that are 400% more expensive than the Obsidian.

Michael Husmann, CEO and founder of Kodama, said, “We felt there was too much of a gap between cheap, hard to assemble kits and overpriced ‘consumer’ machines like the Ultimaker2go and the Replicator Mini.”

Good to Go Out of the Box

With most budget 3D printer kits, you need to do some assembling before you can get going with designing. Obsidian makes that a think of the past with a plug and play design. You simply load a filament, plug it in, and run with it. The touch screen and iOS/Android app lets you change most settings from anywhere you are. With the deluxe version, you even acquire a built-in camera that lets you monitor what’s happening from anywhere you want.

On top of that, the Obsidian has power outage recovery in case of a accidental disconnect or power outage. Once you have power again, you just need to reconnect and then hit the ‘resume’ button. That said, only the plus and deluxe version feature this technology as it is an aspect brought by the LCD board they include.

Industrial Designer Bojan S states, “Whenever we have a prototype Obsidian in a room, the reaction is always the same ‘what's that, it looks cool.' It's not just another box or appliance in your workspace, Obsidian is something you want to display alongside your other electronics. We believe aesthetics are an important part of mass adoption of a new technology.”

It looks like the combination of a small team, plenty of knowledge and the wish to be unique and offer something new comes together into a product that people really love.