Kittyhawk Adds Intelligent Flight Profiles, Multi-Waypoint Routing to its Drone App

  • 8 January 2018
  • Sam Mire

Kittyhawk is a drone management application that ‘unifies the mission, aircraft, and data’ to provide the pilot as much information as possible before, during, and after taking to the skies. The app aims to mimic the real flight experience to the greatest extent possible.

Pre-flight offerings provide drone pilots with data such as real-time airspace, hyper-local weather updates, checklist logging, and mission planning. While in the air, their Flight Deck feature provides real-time drone updates and video that – and this is important – spares users the need to go in between separate apps. When the flight is complete, Kittyhawk provides maintenance logs and recommendations, a post-flight checklist, and battery operations intel.

Now, Kittyhawk has once again expanded the offerings that are provided within the app, which is considered by many to be a must-have for any drone owner. The app now provides ‘intelligent flight profiles’, which allow pilots to set a blanket and uniform set of flight standards for a single drone or multiple devices. As examples of what this new feature affords, a uniform behavior includes an immediate land or return to home (RTH) order when the drone’s battery reaches a certain level of exhaustion. Further, limits can be placed on how high or far a drone can fly, as well as a standard return to home flight level. Kittyhawk has stated that these features are particularly useful for trainees learning the ropes of piloting unmanned aircrafts.

Kittyhawk also recently announced that the app will now have the capability to set a flight map with multiple waypoints, a feature that traditionally required the use of multiple apps. This is particularly beneficial for commercial drones, and the process is as simple or complex as the flight planner would like it to be. You can get as detailed as how you want the drone to conduct turns (rounded or at precise angles) or keep it as simple as setting the coordinates and letting it rip, though most will likely prefer some level of planning somewhere in between. They even watch your back, preventing you from setting waypoints that will span beyond the drone’s range or the pilot’s control radio.

There’s no doubt that for commercial and hobbyist drone owners, Kittyhawk is an app that can spare them from tedious app-switching while also providing a level of all-in-one data collection and functional capability that may seem too good to be true.

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