KeepKey Bitcoin Hardware Wallet Review: 10 Things You Need to Know in 2017

  • 13 September 2017
  • Marko Jovanovic

Those of you who have been working with digital assets for years now, know that keeping your bitcoins in the platform’s wallet is not safe. Usually, exchanges and digital currency platforms advise their clients to transfer their bitcoins to a safe place as soon as possible, to avoid losing their bitcoins.

Now, there are paper wallets, hardware wallets, online wallets and desktop wallets. So, the question is which one should you choose? Arguably, hardware wallets are the best ones due to their features. Today, we want to talk about KeepKey – a hardware wallet that will give you the peace of mind when it comes to keeping your bitcoins safe and sound.

What is Keepkey?

In order for you to understand what KeepKey is, first you need to know what exactly the Bitcoin transaction and hardware wallet are.

For example, you want to send some Bitcoins to someone. So, to do that, you need to have a private key, otherwise, Bitcoin network won't let you transfer bitcoins. Now, your private key is, well, private. Therefore, you need to keep it far away from others. There are a few ways to do that, including hardware wallets. This is an offline way to store your Bitcoins, making it also the safest way.

With a hardware wallet, you have the private key that will enable you to transfer bitcoins. Since this type of a wallet comes in many forms, such as USB stick, Bitcoin stick, Bluetooth device or smart card, you can carry it with you wherever you go. More importantly, your bitcoins will be far away from hackers, so you won't have to worry about them trying to steal your bitcoins.

KeepKey is the safest Bitcoin that money can buy, and as such it offers great security level, ease of use, and top notch design.

Easy to use

Source: KeepKey.comWith its simple design, keeping your bitcoins or other cryptocurrencies protected will be a piece of cake. This device is so simple to setup and use, that even your grandma can do that.

With its digital screen and metal body, this unit provides you with reliability and simplicity, and will easily become your favorite Bitcoin wallet.  

Backup and Recovery

When opting for a certain Bitcoin wallet, you probably want the one that offers backup and recovery. Well, here it is. KeepKey has got your back, so no worries about losing your bitcoins. In fact, this device allows you to recover your bitcoins without compromising the safety of the private key. During initialization, you will be able to write down your let's say backup code. To be precise, you need to write down a 12-word recovery sentence.

Source: Keepkey.com

Multi-Currency Support

What a good bitcoin wallet should offer is the ability to support multiple currencies. And in that aspect, KeepKey won’t disappoint. Not only does it support bitcoins, but it also supports Litecoin, Ethereum, Namecoin, Dash, Dogecoin, and Testnet. That being said, this is one of the best wallets out there, though it is relatively new on the market.  

Virus and Malware Proof

One more benefit of using this handy unit is that you don’t have to worry about viruses and malware. That’s right, you heard it well. An operating system comes with the layers which can be infected by malware and viruses.

Source: Keepkey.com

Luckily, KeepKey works without an operating system so there actually aren’t any layers that can be infected. This being said, hackers don’t stand a chance against this bank-grade security wallet.


As for compatibility, KeepKey doesn’t require drivers. This means that you only need to plug in the included USB cable and your device is ready to go. It is compatible with PC, Android, Linux, and Mac, so you won’t have any problem with using this unit.


1. Is KeepKey’s firmware an open source?

Yes, it is.

2. Is it a hardware wallet safer than a paper one?

Yes, it is. The paper wallet is safe, but when you need to use your funds, you will have to import the private key on your computer. Now, that’s where malware comes in. Once malware infects your computer, your funds will be gone.

3. Is KeepKey safe?

Yes, it is. Namely, your private key will be stored on this device, and KeepKey is PIN-protected.  Even if it falls into wrong hands, your funds will still be safe.

4. What is KeepKey anyway?

This is a USB device that keeps your bitcoins safe. Every transaction that is made first needs to be approved via its display, and confirmation button, preventing virtual attackers from stealing your bitcoins.  

5. What happens if I lose or someone steals my KeepKey?

You will be able to recover your device without compromising the private key.

6. What does the package include?

You get KeepKey Bitcoin Hardware Wallet, Recovery Sentence Backup Card

As well as Woven Nylon USB Cable.

7. Can this device store various altcoins?

Unfortunately, it can’t.

8. Can the KeepKey firmware be updated?

Yes, it can, However, do keep in mind that before doing upgrade, all private keys will be deleted from KeepKey’s flash memory.  

9. What operating system does this device use?

Keepkey doesn't use any operating system. Instead, the Keepkey app performs directly on the hardware.

10. I want to buy KeepKey. What is the best place for that?

This device is available on Amazon, but you can also buy it on its website.

The Final Word

Well, that is all we have to say about KeepKey. You can be sure that your Bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies will be safe in this wallet since it offers high-security level. Moreover, this device is easy to use, offers multiple currencies support and cannot be infected by viruses and malware. 

Add to that a sturdy design and you can see why this device is one of the bests that you can get. Yes, its price is high, but if you want to keep your digital assets on safe, well, you have to pay for it.

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