Top 10 Internet of Things Companies Supporting Healthcare

  • 29 May 2017
  • Cas Proffitt

Everything in modern life is connected from our car to our thermostat, and now the same can be said for our healthcare products. Through the Internet of Things (IoT), healthcare becomes more accurate, intelligent, and personalized.


Whether we’re using IoT devices to train our doctors, track our oral hygiene, or fix our postures, these devices make our lives a little healthier and a little happier each step of the way.


Through the support of disruptive technologies, these ten IoT companies are making the world a healthier place to live.


Naya Health

Naya Health has developed a breastfeeding pump that operates through the use of hydraulic suction as opposed to utilizing an electric vacuum pump. The Naya Health Smart Pump is quieter and cheaper than formula or alternative, hospital grade electric pumps. Naya is helping to reduce discomfort from using a pump to assist with breastfeeding as well as travel limitations based on heavy or power-intensive, corded machines.


Naya Health Smart Pumps cost roughly $1,000 and integrate with the Smart Pump companion app to display pumping session data, milk volume, and more.






Sunshine uses smartphones and crowdsourced data to gather information about users’ environments. Sunshine offers users insight into the world around them in order to let them make the best life decisions possible. Sunshine also monitors user sentiment and productivity throughout the day to help identify stressors.







Orbita lets users create and keep up virtual assistants that integrate with major smart home technologies such as Amazon Echo and Google Home. Orbita offers their services to help enhance the lives of chronic care recipients and their care providers by helping the care providers integrate voice-activated technologies into their environment.


Orbita solutions integrate with wearables, home health monitors, and other smart home technologies to provide the best awareness possible. Orbita is HIPAA compliant, including consumer and patient data privacy requirements.







TruInject is an IoT connected injection training system that comes complete with a lifelike model and software to help training healthcare providers hone their skills in using injectable medications without having to practice on live patients.


Having healthcare provider practice on effective testing units prior to live patient application helps reduce patient discomfort and strengthen patient retention.





Carré Technologies

Carré Technologies is a wearable technology company that uses IoT connectivity to collect more than 40,000 data points per minute. Hexoskin is their line of IoT-enable clothing that can be used to monitor metrics such as heart rate, breathing patterns, and sleep cycles. HexoSkin has adaptations for both warm and cold environments to ensure athletes are in their element regardless of the conditions they are operating in.






Breathometer has developed Mint, an IoT-enabled breathalyzer. Mint analyzes bacteria and breath contents to give users a better understanding of their oral health. Mint connects with its companion app to give users immediate feedback. Mint can identify harmful bacteria in the user’s mouth and let them know how effective their oral hygiene rituals are or help them prepare for their next dentist visit.







Keriton is an IoT company that is focused on helping to reduce the workload of Neonatal ICU nurses and help children recover more quickly. Keriton monitors feeding cycles and order as well as monitoring feeding inventory through use of IoT technology. Keriton’s platform saves NICU nurses more than 10,000 work hours per year through the implementation of their Lact-o-log.






Backbone Labs

Backbone Labs is a wearable tech company that is focused on helping improve the posture of everyday people. Backbone combines an IoT-enabled harness with their companion app and a vibrating motor to notify users when their posture is less than perfect.


Poor posture increases spinal strain significantly, and so Backbone labs worked with chiropractors to test and produce a cost effective and less obtrusive solution. In addition to harness vibrations, Backbone’s wearable device connects to their companion app on the user’s phone to let them know when their posture is lacking.





Meru Health

Meru Health is developing a scalable, cost-effective program for individuals who suffer from depression. Meru Health offers patients a digital program called Ascend to help them improve their quality of life through daily support for the duration of the 8 week program. Meru Health is working to make depression care and assistance more affordable and more accessible.






LifeFuels is a smart-bottle and beverage company that provides users with insight into their hydration metrics on a daily basis. LifeFuels also provides users with a simple and tasty set of beverage flavors and nutrient concentrates to help improve their overall well-being.


LifeFuels monitors user hydration through the use of their smart bottle and uses these insights to make recommendations about how the user should proceed with their hydration. They offer energy and nutrient-rich blends to keep their customers on track with their goals and healthy for the journey.



Do you know of any other IoT companies in the healthcare industry who deserve a spot on this list? Let us know in the comments below!

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