Top 10 Internet of Things Companies Disrupting Education

  • 31 May 2017
  • Cas Proffitt

Education is among the most important things we can offer our children. With help from the Internet of Things, the process of teaching and learning can itself be made smarter. From enhancing storybooks so that children find magic in reading to construction kits that help foster analytical and spatial skills, IoT tech is bringing a ton of new possibilities into the EdTech sector.


These ten companies are shaping the way IoT and education merge.


Construkts Inc.

Constructs is a magnetic, IoT-enabled block set that interacts with the Construkts digital platform to allow users to build, model, and solve puzzles in the physical world while generating a 3D model and working to complete their puzzle in the virtual world.


Construkts Inc. has received backing from the National Science Foundation and their CEO worked with companies like SRI International and IBM.







DXTR Labs has developed a set of IoT-connected blocks that integrate with a tablet and their parent’s smartphone. DXTR Labs monitors and reports progress of the children to their parents in order to give them an easier way to interact with their child and grow their cognitive skillsets.


DXTR Labs also monitors and engages children in interactions with other children using these magnetic building blocks.






Vai Kai

Vai Kai is creating IoT-enabled wooden dolls that kids can interact with and play freely. Vai Kai dolls can also be used by parents to communicate with their children through gestures, such as tapping the doll’s lips to send their child a kiss that the corresponding doll receives and conveys through audio and a flashing light.


Vai Kai dolls are very simple in concept, but can direct children at play and interact with them through a variety of noises to enhance their experience. Vai Kai dolls are currently in pre-order stage for $149 per set of dolls.






iYouth Lab

iYouth Lab is working to develop a social connection network between students, professors, and alumni as a base for their long-term goal. iYouth Lab eventually hopes to have a collaborative environment where academics can share information and have representative data points available through the use of IoT sensors.


iYouth Lab seeks to advance collaboration on topics such as 3D printing, IoT uses, supercomputing, and many other areas.






Mirai Mobile Technologies

Mirai Mobile Technologies is developing a variety of educational applications for mobile platforms like iOS and Android. Mirai Mobile Technologies helps users learn and memorize kanji and kana characters, learn Chinese, and other application-specific designs. Mirai Mobile Technology is enhancing the availability of language-based information for individuals who are constantly moving.









Novel Effect

Novel Effect enhances the experience of children being read to by combining appropriate sound effects and music in time with the parent’s voice as they read. Novel Effect works with both printed and ebooks to engage children in a world beyond the physical.


Novel Effect requires no special screen to entangle children in their imaginations as their parents read them to bed. Instead, they use audio immersion.





SAM Labs

SAM Labs has developed a simple and educational IoT connected toy kit for children and parents to play with. SAM Labs lets user combine motors, sensors, lights, and more to create an intelligent vehicle to play on the simulated streets with. SAM Labs vehicles connect with the SAM Labs companion apps so that users can activate specific functions with their setup.





EZ-Robot Inc.

EZ-Robot Inc. is producing highly user-friendly robotics kits that can be used for education and hobbyist cases alike. EZ-Robot kits can be adapted with different processors and customized 3D printer or aftermarket parts to create a unique robotic experience.


EZ-Robot Inc. products are designed to reduce the learning curve associated with robotics and programming in the modern day while retaining the most enjoyable experience possible.





MUV Interactive

MUV Interactive is changing the way that educators present content to students by allowing them to interact with the course content from across the room. Educators can participate in roundtable discussions and move or rotate content with the Bird system.


MUV Interactive is designing IoT-enabled devices to bring the classroom into the 21st century and truly immerse students in their education, regardless of what other tools the teacher has available. All Bird needs to work is a solid surface, a projector, and the unit(s) themselves with any peripherals that come in the package.



Do you know of any other IoT companies in the EdTech industry that deserve a spot on this list? Let us know in the comments below!

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