Top 10 Internet of Things Companies Disrupting Cybersecurity

  • 5 June 2017
  • Cas Proffitt

We live in a world where practically everything is somehow connected. Our phones, TVs, cars, fridges, thermostats–even our garden planters–are a member of the Internet of Things. That’s a lot of devices to protect against intruders.


Luckily, there are cybersecurity companies who know what it takes to protect IoT networks in both personal and enterprise settings. Companies like these, along with user conscientiousness, will help prevent attacks like the MIRAI botnet of 2016.


Check out the top ten IoT cybersecurity companies to keep an eye on this year.



Bastille is a cybersecurity company that focuses on defending radios and wireless devices. Bastille has developed an enterprise-grade wireless scanning platform that seeks out vulnerable radios, mobile devices, or other wireless technology operating on the 60MHz to 6GHz bands.


Bastille recently made the public aware of a vulnerability in wireless keyboards and mice that can be executed from several feet away.






ClearBlade Inc.

ClearBlade Inc. helps to connect people or places to things securely in an enterprise environment. ClearBlade Inc. systems can operate securely in most environments–cloud, in-house, or hybrid. They connect the edge of the network back to the cloud to ensure that operations are running as effectively and quickly as possible.





Crypta Labs

Crypta Labs is working to incorporate a true random number generator into a chip for IoT devices to seed encryption and render algorithmic attacks ineffective. The Crypta Labs Quantum Random Number Generator can be installed in most mobile devices to significantly strengthen encryption.  


Devices that can utilize the QRNG chip include smartwatches, smartphones, tablets, IoT-enabled sensors, smart home devices, and many more.






IoT Defense

IoT Defense has developed the first non-subscription based home IoT defense system, the RATTRAP. The RATTRAP protects all wired and wireless devices in a smart home from malicious activity through a combination of consistent system monitoring, real-time notifications, and consistent research.






CryptoMove is an adaptive threat defense provider. CryptoMove provides moving target and mutative defense against intrusion.and data theft. By splitting files into parts and moving them around the network constantly, encrypting the file fragments, and changing the way files move, CryptoMove is redefining the term “secure environment”.






Centri Technology

Centri Technology has developed an encryption and file compression algorithm for the IoT and IIoT that offers much higher efficiency in terms of both power spent and time taken. Internet of Things Active Security (IoTAS) both encrypts and optimizes data storage while removing the need for a key vault.


The private key is stored on the device, and the public key is written into the header of the secured file.






Arctos Networks

Arctos Networks was founded to combat modern advanced persistent cyber threats (APTs) in real-time. Arctos Networks analyzes all files coming in and checks them for exploits and other potentially malicious bits of code before allowing them into the network. Arctos Networks monitors enterprise and government networks constantly, looking for APTs.






Nation-E provides cybersecurity services for the industrial IoT in the form of active defense that integrates with third party systems. They focus specifically on critical infrastructure and defend against things like industrial malware and smart grid attacks. Nation-E notifies incident management in the event that a user account deviates from its normal patterns of violates a security rule or protocol.






Trillium Incorporated

Trillium Incorporated designs and implements customized, adaptive cyber security systems for the Internet of Vehicles (IoV). Trillium Incorporated produces security apparatuses and software to secure their clients automotive products in Vehicle-to-Vehicle (V2V) and Vehicle-to-Infrastructure (V2I) interactions.





FireFX was founded by former U.S. Army Signal Officer to help protect civilian home and small business networks from intrusion and malicious activity. The FireFX Network Guardian limits the ability of malicious software to locate other devices on a network, effectively limiting the impact that the program can possibly have.




Do you know of any other IoT cybersecurity companies that deserve a place on this list? Let us know in the comments below!

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